Retire Early, Enjoy Your Life!

On today’s show I talked about early retirement, the defining traits and habits you’ll need if you’re serious about it, and why I’ve already mapped out my plan to be retired before the age of 48. Why I think retiring early may even help you live longer and definitely decrease your chances of dying inContinue reading “Retire Early, Enjoy Your Life!”

PTD Radio IS Your Therapy

On today’s show I talked instilling power, motivation, and inspiration into the souls of our folks. My future plans for PTD Radio going forward. Why I’m not “fucked” and why my listeners aren’t “fucked.” Another Round of Trivia and a Free T-Shirt Give Away! Millenial Men and a Generation of straight pussies. I also coveredContinue reading “PTD Radio IS Your Therapy”

Gratification & Finding a Purpose in Life

On today’s show I talked about how Trump’s Presidency from beginning to end, inadvertently BLEW UP this entire system.… lighting a fire under the ass of our folks. Hedge Funds like Sabby Management, Citadel, and Melvin Capital are literally the SCUM of the EARTH. Maybe the GameStop fiasco was the turning point we need, asContinue reading “Gratification & Finding a Purpose in Life”

Information is an Investment

On today’s show I talked about January being our best month to date, but how some of the traffic is very mysterious… due to some unusual, unlikely foreign guests. The bulk of today’s show however dealt with how we Invest in our time, in Information, and in ourselves. Start viewing EVERYTHING as an investment. IContinue reading “Information is an Investment”

The Only Way to Win

Today’s show focused on the “boomer question” and how we can use the pulse of the general public to plan ahead and empower ourselves moving forward. Why we need to remove ourselves from national politics right now. “Comfort” leads to “Death.” Defining our Enemies. And the PTD method to achieve victory, when we’re surrounded byContinue reading “The Only Way to Win”

Reality Check for the Right in America

Today’s show was laser focused with a HARDCORE Solution. You’re no longer an “American” in the sense that you once knew it. Nor are you a principled CONservative. You are now a member of the Gambino or Bonanno Crime Family. Don’t be a sucker, get SWITCHED ON, wake the fuck up! More on relocation plansContinue reading “Reality Check for the Right in America”

Power Through Discipline

On today’s show I talked about destroying the Battered Wife Syndrome that the “RIGHT” has in America today. The need for a new independent massive media platform, funded by a subscription base. Getting off enemy platforms and supporting each other. Where the HELL is TRUMP? Removing Pressure Valves from your life. Relocation Plans and whatContinue reading “Power Through Discipline”

Is America Weimar Germany?

On this show I talked about how close the United States is to Communism. I drew multiple parallels to Weimar Germany, and laid out *25 features of Communism that already exist here. What makes today’s communism different from the communism of the early 20th century? How does RACE play into it, and why does HATEContinue reading “Is America Weimar Germany?”