The Season of Fertility for Men

Today I talked about the inevitable breakup of the country and how we’re seeing it RIGHT NOW. Vital lessons learned from the Trial of the Century and Woke Insanity. More on the future of policing and education in America. The importance of having the right attitude. When you’re uncomfortable is when you grow. Spring is theContinue reading “The Season of Fertility for Men”

A Mendacious & Perfidious Society

Today I talked about my movie review of Godzilla vs Kong (Yes, I actually went to the movies). Why do people go to places they’re not wanted and then complain about how they’re treated? Is the balkanization of Yugoslavia and the Balkan War really the future for America? Is that where we’re headed? BLM signsContinue reading “A Mendacious & Perfidious Society”

Back to the Office Slave

Today I talked about creating nostalgic memories with our children. Why Joe Biden and the Biden Administration is exactly what America deserves? A generation ruled by FEAR. Why the Baby Boomers favor the office space and why they despise mobile or remote methods of work? If I can’t see you, how do I know you’re working?Continue reading “Back to the Office Slave”

The Truth Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Today is my Birthday! On today’s show I talked about turning 39 and what it means, if anything at all. But the focus of today’s show was on the word TRUTH. Does the “truth” really matter when you’re living in a clown world with low IQ Retards? Are academics and teachers the most FRAGILE humanContinue reading “The Truth Doesn’t Matter Anymore”

Moving Forward in a Counterfeit World

Today’s show focused on the following question: What do you do when EVERYTHING is fake? Thinking about our futures here… and the current strains that exist in our family relationships and friendships. And why are MOST relationships with modern women doomed to fail? All of this and more… Awesome Show Today! PLEASE VISIT THE ONLINEContinue reading “Moving Forward in a Counterfeit World”

Achieving Greatness in a Sick World

Today’s show focused on the title: how we achieve greatness in a world that’s full of shit. More on the Boomer Question. More on steps you need to take NOW in order to retire early. Physical and Mental Health. Minimalism. Multigenerational Living. Dropping Bad Habits and Addictions. How to be truly thankful and grateful inContinue reading “Achieving Greatness in a Sick World”

Conquering Clown World

On today’s show I talked about White Americans addiction to victimhood, how it comforts them, why it gives them an excuse to avoid difficult and stressful situations, and how it enables them to avoid personal responsibility. Feminine, fatalistic, negative thinking in our men. Your competition is weak, soft, fat, lazy, and it lacks discipline and masculinity.Continue reading “Conquering Clown World”

The Ruralization of White America

Today’s show was one of my most positive shows in years! Today I discussed the beauty of ruralization for white America, and why I see such a bright future for people like us. Why Rural living brings peace of mind to your life as a white person. Why most of todays employees (especially remote workers) are all expendable,Continue reading “The Ruralization of White America”