Message from WallStreetBets: HODL, Buy All Dips, and do NOT Sell!

PTD Radio just added another 800 shares of $AMC to the Portfolio early this morning. I will be holding shares all week long. I will also add again on any significant dip. This is clearly sending a firm and powerful message. Folks need to HODL the line and DO NOT fucking sell. Raise your askContinue reading “Message from WallStreetBets: HODL, Buy All Dips, and do NOT Sell!”

Prepare for another INSANE Day of Trading!

The following stocks will be the most volatile this morning into the market close. I suggest you take a SMALL scalable position in one or all of them just based on PRINCIPLE ALONE. $GME $AMC $BB $NOK $EXPR $NAKD If you own these, DO NOT SELL!! Today we make a statement! We have already wonContinue reading “Prepare for another INSANE Day of Trading!”

Brokers MANIPULATE MARKET to save hedge fund billionaires & punish retail traders

Today was the most blatant act of thievery and stock manipulation in our nations history. The trading platform Robinhood, forced the price of certain equities to crash so hedgefunds could cover their shorts. Every so often, exchanges will put a halt on all trading for EXTREMELY VOLATILE stocks. However, never will they ONLY allow youContinue reading “Brokers MANIPULATE MARKET to save hedge fund billionaires & punish retail traders”

Steak and Eggs “Carnivore Diet Challenge” for the Month of February. Who’s Game?

Packed on a few extra pounds this winter? Knock it off your gut in a mere 4 weeks using Steak and Eggs: An Old-School Diet For Fat Loss. This eating styles goes back to the 1950’s… dubbed the ‘steak and eggs diet,’ and was the eating plan/creation of a natural bodybuilder named Vince Gironda. This ‘diet’Continue reading “Steak and Eggs “Carnivore Diet Challenge” for the Month of February. Who’s Game?”

Max Keiser has a BitCoin Price Target 🎯 of over 200k this Year!

Fascinating discussion with Max Keiser of Russia Today and “the Keiser report” on Kitco News. Most of the videos I get through email with outrageous price targets on BitCoin I ignore. However Keiser has nailed his forecasts on just about everything this past year, and he’s been the most accurate on BitCoin to date, callingContinue reading “Max Keiser has a BitCoin Price Target 🎯 of over 200k this Year!”

Only the Ferocious will Prosper!

PTD RADIO INTRO – The richest 1% of this country owns half our country’s wealth, $5 trillion dollars. You got 90% of the American public with little or no net worth. I create nothing. I own. We make the rules, pal. The news, war, peace, famine, upheaval, the price of a paperclip. We pick thatContinue reading “Only the Ferocious will Prosper!”

Tucker Carlson Amens Biden’s call for “Unity.”

Once again, PTD is way ahead of the curve, following a bunch of this shit so you guys don’t have to. I said that we should all take a step back from national politics for awhile, but this is way too important for me to ignore. I told you that the so called “Right” inContinue reading “Tucker Carlson Amens Biden’s call for “Unity.””

Assange & Snowden denied Pardons. Trump was Always full of Shit!

As if his last act of betrayal wasn’t enough for us to endure, throwing all of his supporters under the bus after the events at the Capital. Trump now leaves office an even bigger failure and disgrace who chose to Pardon the likes of Lil’ Wayne over Julian Assange and Edward Snowden! Trump was eitherContinue reading “Assange & Snowden denied Pardons. Trump was Always full of Shit!”

Watch Gotti {1996} & Take Notes!

The film industry and that dick sucking faggot John Travolta, destroyed Gotti with that piece of shit that was released in 2018. Watch Gotti {1996} and take notes my friends. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to the opening scene. It is now the year 2021, this IS the world you now inhabit. I said it last show…Continue reading “Watch Gotti {1996} & Take Notes!”

Trump’s Last Act of Betrayal

This might be the worst possible ending to the most underwhelming, most disappointing period in the Trump “Legacy.” There is absolutely NO reason to not go out guns blazing here, declassify EVERYTHING, pardon Snowden and Assange, and NEVER fucking concede!!! Instead… Trump takes the path of a tired old man and coward, throwing all ofContinue reading “Trump’s Last Act of Betrayal”