Individual Stock Portfolio {Updated}

The following list is what I’m holding and the percentage it makes up of my portfolio with Longterm Price Targets. These are all LONG positions. I may add to them on significant dips to lower my cost average, or sell on LARGE enough spikes to lock in gains. I will update this frequently as IContinue reading “Individual Stock Portfolio {Updated}”

Cryptocurrency IS Your Ticket to Freedom!

I’ve been on this RANT for months on end folks… and now we’re seeing new All Time Highs in both the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Why in God’s name would you hold your wealth in US Dollars??? I’ll say it once again… if you’re holding more than $5 or $10k in a savings accountContinue reading “Cryptocurrency IS Your Ticket to Freedom!”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’ll be celebrating the day… watching the greatest Irish movie of all time “the Quiet Man” with some Corn Beef and Cabbage. I love the Irish, the food, the music, the people, the humor, the attitudes , the fighting spirit and the ENTIRE Culture! God bless the True Irish, we Celebrate You today!!! I’ll haveContinue reading “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

Big Banks are Rushing into the Crypto Space!

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Morgan Stanley are the latest to jump on the Crypto-bandwagon. I now suspect that these “investment firms” and Giants in Banking see Bitcoin as a replacement for Gold, to hold as a store of value. Let’s start with Goldman Sachs… their COO just said this week that “Clients’ Demand forContinue reading “Big Banks are Rushing into the Crypto Space!”

Congrats to all the Holders with Balls who averaged down!

Game Stop and AMC have both been on a tear this week… Game Stop zoomed right past $300.00 once again while AMC broke $12.00 this morning. I will post my position in AMC when (or if) I decide to sell. It sure as fuck won’t be for $12 bucks. And it will prove to beContinue reading “Congrats to all the Holders with Balls who averaged down!”

Ark Invest Suggests Bitcoin Price Could Increase By $400,000.00

Take this for what it’s worth, but these guys are ALWAYS ahead of the curve. I’ve been tracking Ark Investment moves for years. When they initiate a position, and then add to that position, it more often than not, moves significantly higher. And now, according to their analysis, Bitcoin could scale to anywhere between oneContinue reading “Ark Invest Suggests Bitcoin Price Could Increase By $400,000.00”

Tim from New Jersey {a Friend of Ours} Gets It!

In Response to my last show “PTD Radio IS Your Therapy” emailer Tim writes: I’ve mentioned some of this to you already, but something has just clicked in for me the past few days. I’ve been feeling this way on my own, having very little interest in politics, I haven’t watched the “news” in weeksContinue reading “Tim from New Jersey {a Friend of Ours} Gets It!”

Central Banks killed the economy & money velocity to seize control ahead of the Great Reset.

Former Bear Stearns employee, Gregory Mannarino of “Traders Choice” joined the Alex Jones Show to break down how the central banks killed the economy to seize control ahead of the great reset. Definitely worth a listen! I interviewed Greg roughly 9 years ago for 2 hours on Truth Militia Radio. He’s a great guy, he’sContinue reading “Central Banks killed the economy & money velocity to seize control ahead of the Great Reset.”