Buying & Holding Ethereum will make you a Millionaire

Ethereum is about to bust through $3k USD

Bitcoin was trading at around similar levels in December of 2018, and January of 2019. And at that time the asset was still in a downtrend, with nearly ZERO institutional investment, or even public interest for that matter.

Man did that change rather quickly or what? In roughly 2 years time… the price of Bitcoin surged to levels no one believed at the time, reaching a high of nearly $65,000.00 USD. That’s a 20x gain!!! Try finding that in a Bluechip stock, or some shitty Mutual Fund. You can’t.

The most incredible thing about the crypto space is that it’s only just getting started now. It’s still in the beginning stages, and currently in the midst of a massive bull run. Only now, there’s a shit ton of attention and interest in it, millions of people entering the space every month from all over the world, institutional investment is EXPLODING, and more importantly… currencies are being debased everywhere.

Enter in Ethereum. Currently near that same $3,000.00 USD price that Bitcoin was at near the start of 2019, with Ethereum 2.0 set to be released very soon. Two years goes by VERY FAST gentlemen. If this bull run continues… there’s no reason to believe that Ethereum won’t 20x from here!

In 2 years or less (probably less IMO), a mere 15 Ethereum will be worth $1,000,000.00 USD

Why plug your money into a 401k, or some ridiculous retirement fund, when you have to wait until your dead to withdraw it. Why not invest EVERY WEEK into Ethereum and potentially have FUCK YOU $$$ in less than 2 years time???

This is NOT financial advice, but it IS my plan, and it’s what I’ve been doing for several months now.

In two years, my Goal is to reach & hold 40-50 Ethereum. By my calculations that’ll be worth $2.6 – $3.2 million.

And at that point… Early Career Retirement, will have been achieved.

Let’s make it happen!

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One thought on “Buying & Holding Ethereum will make you a Millionaire

  1. Rich excellent article man. I still think most folks either don’t understand crypto or simply don’t care. I agree with your plan and your balls to put it out there for us. Thanks for all the good counsel, advice, information and a actions. It is definitely appreciated.


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