A Mendacious & Perfidious Society

Today I talked about my movie review of Godzilla vs Kong (Yes, I actually went to the movies). Why do people go to places they’re not wanted and then complain about how they’re treated? Is the balkanization of Yugoslavia and the Balkan War really the future for America? Is that where we’re headed? BLM signs still in the White Suburbs! Living in a Mendacious and Perfidious society. MLB moves the All Star Game. “Pulling Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps.” And finally.. get the FUCK OFF the Internet, live your life, enjoy your health, and enjoy the outdoors!



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Speaker, Trainer, Radio Show Host, and above all else, a Father concerned about the future of Western Civilization. This website will serve as an outlet with a focus on Men's Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, Finance, Right Wing Politics, Relationship Advice, Wisdom and Life Experience.

7 thoughts on “A Mendacious & Perfidious Society

  1. Get Rural Guys, homes are (somewhat) affordable there yet.
    I’m closing on an old farmhouse next month for a bit over 200, with an acre. We wanted more land, but this is what we could afford for now, plus the garage is 40×40, which I plan on setting up a machine shop for a side hustle. Plus it’s a VERY tight knit farming/blue collar community. My kids will grow up working the land. The Father has blessed us.

    Selling our starter home, kinda feel bad I’m gonna make money on it, just as blacks from Milwaukee start moving into low income housing units. Gotta hand it to the lefty’s, they know how to slaugher right wing strongholds.


    1. I agree 100% that’s a decision we’re all gonna have to make soon. I live in the Communist state of Massachusetts. I’ll be leaving very soon, settling in a very rural part of Pennsylvania.


  2. Good stuff today buddy, we’re definitely more appreciative of your shows on this reduced schedule. Time and dedication is required to be a worthy leader of a family. No matter how much they try to destroy the nuclear family with faggots, trannys and feminism they will never be completely successful. Being a straight, white, Christian, traditional family is all you have to be these days to drive the indoctrinated freaks crazy and man I relish that role. With the anti white narrative in this country ramping up daily, racial tensions will continue to trend upwards. I hope more of our folks realize we are in a soft race war currently, not a civil war, a race war. Team white vs Team non white. Thats being pushed by design and it’s not hyperbole. It’s mostly words and slogans now, at some point soon it will become way more physical. In this war, your uniform is your skin and is easy for the enemy to identify. Our folks need to realize that at any moment an unprovoked attack can land in your lap. If they aren’t training to some extent, preparing for the inevitable, they will wish they had. Keep distributing those positive redpills big Rich.


    1. 100 percent on the money. Only problem is 90 percent of whites are brainwashed cowards who can’t be counted on in this scenario. They brought them to their knees without ever firing a shot. There are very few of us that actually understand this.


  3. Awesome show today, Rich!

    Thanks for the mention, man. All the points that you made were spot-on. It’s possible that things could get physical eventually, but I hope that I am wrong.

    The shirts that you make are awesome.

    Keep it up!


  4. Historically, civil wars and revolutions require two or more groups of power controlling elites clashing, to protect, or else lose, one anothers financial interests and powerbase. Keith Woods did an excellent summary of this recently and why what transpired DC on January 6th ’21 was all that can be expected as things stand.


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