The Truth Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Today is my Birthday! On today’s show I talked about turning 39 and what it means, if anything at all. But the focus of today’s show was on the word TRUTH. Does the “truth” really matter when you’re living in a clown world with low IQ Retards? Are academics and teachers the most FRAGILE human beings on the planet? Do you care if the Military has no standards, lets in fags and trannies, and provides free “gender reassignment” surgeries for freaks?



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Speaker, Trainer, Radio Show Host, and above all else, a Father concerned about the future of Western Civilization. This website will serve as an outlet with a focus on Men's Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, Finance, Right Wing Politics, Relationship Advice, Wisdom and Life Experience.

28 thoughts on “The Truth Doesn’t Matter Anymore

  1. Happy Birthday my man, ONE year away from the BIG ONE Old Man. When you turn 40, there’s definitely a psychological component there reminding you how damn important “time” really is. You talk it on your show frequently, and it sure does resonate with me. I got 6 years on you. Keep plugging away man. Love your show. Enjoy the day!


  2. Happy Birthday,

    I’ve been listening to your shows for awhile now Rich, and like good fucking wine, you’ve only gotten better with Age. Enjoy it man


  3. Happy Birthday Rich. I really appreciate you still putting these out, I don’t know where you find the drive or the time man. I’ve been on my grind like crazy now and a lot of it is due to your encouragement. I want to thank you for your great motivational type talks. I’ve now made enough money to pay off my mortgage, all of my loans, and I won’t be working much longer. Sending you a gift by the way. Keep talking the straight shit bro


  4. Keep up the good work, Rich!! You are the voice of reason in an incredibly insane world. I didn’t know how bad things were until I entered my late 20’s. It makes me feel retarded when I learned about our decaying society. Your shows are giving me very valuable advice that I will put to good use in my post-Air Force life.

    Congrats on making it to 39 years young!! Keep enjoying life, man!


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