Greatness in the Dark Ages

Today’s show focused on the Values of the Dark Ages… as well as the Great Kingdoms, Leaders, the spread of Christianity, and the amazing works of architecture and cathedrals that were built. And what it all means to us today? I also spoke about the “death question.” What happens when you die? Where do you go and what does your conscious become? All of this and more… Intense Show Today!



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One thought on “Greatness in the Dark Ages

  1. Interesting history lesson, your knowledge of that is impressive.

    Far as the death question (which I inspired and you didn’t give me credit for, just kidding lol I don’t need credit) you did a great job and put a lot of thought into it. I tend to agree in general, but the truth and only real answer is no one fuckin knows, all there is to it, and that’s what makes it so confounding. I definitely believe our spirit and consciousness, the thing inside us that makes you, you, goes on, it’s an energy that can’t ever be put out, it’s just being housed in our bodies right now. Just take a step back and look at life, look at human beings and planet earth, someone or something had to create that and put thought into it, and we are just one tiny planet in an endless universe. I think the closest we come to getting a glimpse of what it is, is DREAMS, that is a sample of our consciousness going places we can’t quite understand. I also think it’s just like child birth here, when you are born here you are completely unprepared but there are people there to welcome you and help you along the way, and I really hope that’s what happens when we move on from here.

    But at the same time the whole idea of forever and infinity is terrifying. What happens after we move on from wherever we go after this life, is there more after that? Who created God or whoever created earth lol? Going back to Plato, it’s simply too overwhelming for our human brains to comprehend, but we will understand it when the time comes, and we only use a small fraction of our brains, I think there’s something to that too. I can go on but I’ll leave it here because like infinity, this topic has infinite questions.


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