Congrats to all the Holders with Balls who averaged down!

Game Stop and AMC have both been on a tear this week… Game Stop zoomed right past $300.00 once again while AMC broke $12.00 this morning. I will post my position in AMC when (or if) I decide to sell. It sure as fuck won’t be for $12 bucks. And it will prove to be a valuable lesson in patience and why dollar cost averaging your way into a position always WINS Longterm!

Once again… Congrats to all the retail holders with the nuts to average down their positions and hold with conviction.

I believe you will be rewarded handsomely very soon. But HODL as long as it takes. They will continue to ladder these down with synthetic shares to scare you out of your positions. Don’t fall for it!

Both of these could still get entirely stupid in the next few days leading up to next Friday with a shit ton of options expiring. These plays are far from over. Keep a close watch on these!

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6 thoughts on “Congrats to all the Holders with Balls who averaged down!

  1. I’m not fucking selling my amc or gamestop until it goes to the moon. Quick info I want to share on xrp. I don’t know if you are aware of gematria but Elon musk has been tweeting in code about xrp. I cracked a few of his codes using the gematria calculator. That is what the elites use. I know it might be too tin foil hat for your show but I’m serious on this and hope you can share this with your listeners.


  2. They laddered us down Intraday Rich.

    These smiley scumbags will not just admit they e lost and surrender.

    They keep doubling down.

    I’m holding 500 shares of AMC and 100 in GME and I haven’t sold anything.


  3. I think this is their last push this week, how long can they fight this? The rest of the year? The APEs will hold, and GME will push to 800 and AMC to 100. That’s when I might considering selling “some.”


  4. Gematria is kabbalah numerology elites use to predict things and talk to each other. Elon Musk has been trying to warn people to buy XRP but everyone wants him to shill dogecoin, so he tweets in code so his fellow elites don’t suspect him saying that xrp will be the new world currency. A few days again he tweeted “Carnot efficiency of the Universe?” Which translates to, XRP will make you a millionaire, and he tweeted one coin to rule them all, a lord of the rings reference that refers to Frodo which is XRP! Go in his Twitter see it.

    You might think it’s a coincidence but it’s not! Math doesn’t lie. You can go deeper into this and see many secrets kept hidden. It’s crazy shit, but it’s true. Time is running out.

    Here’s a link


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