Conquering Clown World

On today’s show I talked about White Americans addiction to victimhood, how it comforts them, why it gives them an excuse to avoid difficult and stressful situations, and how it enables them to avoid personal responsibility. Feminine, fatalistic, negative thinking in our men. Your competition is weak, soft, fat, lazy, and it lacks discipline and masculinity. You should all be dominating in Clown World. All of this and more. Another powerful, dynamite show!



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Speaker, Trainer, Radio Show Host, and above all else, a Father concerned about the future of Western Civilization. This website will serve as an outlet with a focus on Men's Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, Finance, Right Wing Politics, Relationship Advice, Wisdom and Life Experience.

26 thoughts on “Conquering Clown World

  1. You’re show should literally have millions of listeners! You’re really that good man. I just donated to your website, how do I get a pass code for your archives? Thanks


  2. Great points brought up today Rich,

    You ever think that maybe we needed to go through all of this as race?

    Think of it as a mass cleansing and a removal of so much disgenic trash that probably never should’ve been born.

    My favorite part of being self employed is having the ability to regulate my time with the general public. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of stress I’d have if I was a 9-5 wage slave.

    Anyway, really enjoy your show man.


    1. Thanks Phil and Erik,

      Sorry about the sound tonight guys, a few parts of the show sounded like Shit. Tried to record this one outside with wind and a bunch of assholes laying on their horn!


  3. There’s a lot of science behind the porn thing and jerking off, it quite literally shrinks the area of your brain responsible for motivation and drive. Energy is definitely sexual. And it’s a “physical energy” in men.


  4. I would say it’s a good 20% of us on the right wing that realize the situation for what it is now, maybe 30% tops.

    60-70% of right wing “conservatives” whatever you want to call them, still don’t fully understand what’s happened here and they still support shit like pro sports, the public schools and say things like “we’ll get them in the next election.”

    However I do think that a lot of them that think this way will come around in the next 3 or 4 years when they (and their children) start to undergo a lot of hardship from leftist policies.


  5. Millennial here. My parents were Gen Xers. They missed the baby boomer gen by a few years. They split up back in 1993 when I was 11 or 12 years old. I learned a lot.

    The 1st thing i learned is that Single moms are garbage, schools do not care, fathers are not available to help and then I turned 18 without a fucking clue on how to succeed at life.

    Best thing to do is learn a skill or 2 (meaning a real skill such as mechanics, electrical, plumbing, etc.)

    Next is to understand as a man, you are in charge. Do not bow down to anyone and don’t make any BS excuses. Stay strong, stay tough, and figure it out for yourself. The best philosophy to have is sink or swim.

    If you don’t make it, oh well. Mother Nature did not intend for all of us to make it. It’s not personal


  6. Retiring early has always been my goal.

    But the fear of being broke is real. The fear of being broke is also what employers use to keep people in line. But if you play the game right, the threat of getting fired just gets funnier as your bank account rises. It did for me.

    I’m not self-employed but see all the stories of 50+ workers getting kicked out of the workforce is scary. Or anything that results in in being out of the workforce for a couple years and having to do a complete reset.

    That and I saw my broke disabled father on SSI for the first 20 years of my life. I’ll never live like that, I’ve been on my grind for last few years especially, and I’ve made enough money to pay off my mortgage, all of my loans, and I won’t be working much longer.


  7. Phenomenal show as usual Rich, right on the money with everything you said. I’d go more in depth but it’s 9am and I got shit to do to make myself stronger, stand and move stand and move….

    But I gotta know, who was that first song you played at the end? The Mobb Deep one, that was genius holy shit


      1. Yea I noticed he used a few Trump
        samples in some of the tracks. I wonder what he would have to say about him today after seeing the total bitch trump turned out to be.

        Is there an interview or anything where I can hear this guy speak?


  8. Glad you liked that email I didn’t expect you to read it cause you only responded about my financial talk criticism lol. But you did a nice job hitting on every topic here, and like I said, you’ve really given me the push I needed and I’m just all about moving and tearing shit up now in every way.

    You’re right I was impressed by those financials and my interest was piqued.

    Got my fuckin leftist in laws coming over for the weekend tomorrow, they usually throw on MSNBC in my living room, I usually let it go and just leave the room so to not cause the wife stress, but this time I might have em turn it off and tell them I’m trying to keep a positive mindset at all times and this shit just breeds negativity and is bringing me down, so turn it the fuck off.


      1. Yes bro, it’s fuckin brutal you have no idea how much I have to restrain myself, it’s also a fascinating close up glimpse at just how lost and what slaves of the system these people actually are. The dad is a quiet guy though I like him, I get along with him, the mom on the other hand…


      2. Join the club with boomer in laws who worship Fauci and watch msdnc and communist news network all day Lol! I think the vaccine is their literal holy grail


  9. Hey Rich,

    Another great show. I am totally game with the retire early thing, but what do you recommend for young guys in their 20s just kicking off their careers and families. I’m really concerned about this great reset bs, even though my vocation will probably be ok I don’t want to be stuck in some bugman pod in some faggot metropolitan area


    1. I will HIT that on my next show. I was already planning on it as many of my listeners are still in their 20’s. My website demographics have it at about 24-49. That’s 90% of my audience. I will answer your question in detail.


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