The Ruralization of White America

Today’s show was one of my most positive shows in years! Today I discussed the beauty of ruralization for white America, and why I see such a bright future for people like us. Why Rural living brings peace of mind to your life as a white person. Why most of todays employees (especially remote workers) are all expendable, and their days in the workforce are numbered. The nightmare of the McMansion and people that get destroyed in real estate. Staying on our grind as masculine men as we find a life filled with options, minimal stress and freedom! Awesome Show Today!


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2 thoughts on “The Ruralization of White America

  1. Another good one buddy, you described my exact strategy and mindset on today’s show. Purchased acreage in West Virginia last month, will have the land paid off in 2 years, retire and leave Jersey and the land of high taxes for good. We already have the blueprints for our retirement home, A single story, modest 2500 square foot castle with a wood stove in the basement level and one on the main level. The property has the wood fuel which will be harvested by me, as I’ve done my whole life as we grew up with a wood stove and my dad provided all that shit, mostly because we were poor and it was free heat that only required hard work. In addition to working out, it keeps you fit, active and provides peace of mind. I have a fire going now as I write this, it’s 78 degrees inside and the HVAC never kicks on. There’s people down south that would kill for a self reliant way to heat their house right about now and the green energy bullshit has proven to be complete farce, no matter what that anti white red headed bitch at the White House says. Every year we rent a nice place in the outer banks, which will continue as well as other travel that we will embark upon. Our home base will be totally self reliant with chickens, a garden, an independent well and septic and more game and fish than you can eat. All of our folks should be striving for this type of self reliant set up, get that established and the rest is gravy. Retire early if possible, keep some reliable weaponry and ammo handy and enjoy your life.


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