Individual Stock Portfolio {Updated}

The following list is what I’m holding and the percentage it makes up of my portfolio with Longterm Price Targets. These are all LONG positions. I may add to them on significant dips to lower my cost average, or sell on LARGE enough spikes to lock in gains. I will update this frequently as I add to, trim, or sell out of my positions, or initiate new ones.

Ticker Symbol % Price Target
TSLA – Tesla35%$2.5k+
GBTC – Bitcoin Trust25%$250+
BTC.X – Bitcoin10%$100K+
RIOT – RIOT Blockchain4%$150+
MARA – MARA Blockchain4%$150+
PYPL – PayPal4%$800+
SQ – Square4%$800+
ETHE – Ethereum Trust2%$100+
HUTMF – Hut 8 Mining1%$50+
BFARF – Bitfarms Ltd.1%$50+
ARBKF – Argo Blockchain1%$50+
SOS – SOS Limited1%$50+
Bitcoin Cash1%$1K+
AMC – AMC Entertainment3%???

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