Your Future in the 4th Industrial Revolution

On today’s show I talked about YOUR FUTURE in this country during the 4th Industrial Revolution. The future of work and the future of Industry here. I also talked more extensively about the future of education, the future of leisure, and the creation of a MASSIVE “useless class” among us here… that really serves no purpose… other than just consumption and taking up space. All of this and more. Another powerful, dynamite show!


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5 thoughts on “Your Future in the 4th Industrial Revolution

  1. Good show Rich,

    I never understood the value of office workers. I’m blessed to be a tradesman, in a trade that I don’t see how it could be automated. (Tool and Die Maker). When they try to outsource our work to China or Mexico, I still make money because the shit they make doesn’t even work, and I have to fix it.
    The remote work shit is a blessing and a curse. At work, half the office people are gone, so that annoyance is reduced, but now you got white collar people buying up the outskirt and rural properties, and changing the culture of the area. My prediction, all these people that can work remotely are just gonna get replaced with anything and anybody, these new McMansions are mostly going to foreclose. I think a few businesses will thrive for a bit in the future tearing down these eye-sores. If your job is able to be done remotely, or your job got shut down during the lockdowns, that should be a red flag to learn a trade and produce physical goods.
    I’m just gonna keep grinding, get myself some rural property, grow and raise food for my family, minimize my lifestyle and stay in areas where theres less goods and services, in areas where white collar types don’t want to live.


    1. That is a great summary of how I feel and what I plan to do. I’m an electrician, and now thank God that I never pursed some office career. Most of those people are fucking miserable because we weren’t meant to sit at a desk all day long and answer to a bunch of female “bosses.” Men need to be physical and get their hands dirty. It’s where you’ll find dignity and value in your work. PRODUCTION. Producing something of value.


  2. Hey Man, another great show. By investing it bitcoin do you mean buying bitcoin stock or buying actually bitcoin? Thanks for all that you do.


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