PTD Radio Archive On Demand

Anyone that makes a donation to the website of at least $25 will gain access to the entire PTD Radio Archive, with all of your favorite shows going back to 2015. These are NOT standard news shows or current event shows. These are dynamic, inspirational, life lesson type radio shows. Currently there are over 100 shows uploaded, with many more to be added soon.

Every show that I produce for the rest of the year will be archived in high quality mp3 format for you to download and keep. Please consider Subscribing. If you have already donated to the website, shoot me an email reminder and I will send you a login password.


“Conquering Clown World”

“Your Future in the 4th Industrial Revolution”

“Retire Early & Enjoy Your Life”

“PTD Radio IS Your Therapy”

“Carnivorous Testosterone”

“Gratification & Finding Purpose in Life”

“Information is an Investment”

“The Killer Instinct”

“The Only Way to Win”

“Reality Check for the Right in America”

“Power Through Discipline”

“What You Have to Do Now”

“Bringing in the Year 2021”

“The Great Reset”


“Christmas is Our Holiday”

“Christ is King”

“A National Divorce”

“Why this Election Result had to Happen”

“Nice White Parents”

“Its Time to Fight Back”

“Freedom or Slavery, it’s Your Choice”

“Just Shut Up & Accept Your Slavery”

“Tolerance, Apathy & the Dawn of a New Era”

“Is America Weimar Germany?”

 “At What Point does the Right Go Ham?”

“Fascism and Fat White Slobs”

“It’s Communism, not Socialism”

“Creating Our Future Part.2”

“Creating Our Future Part.1”

“Demographics NOT Democrats”

“4th of July Special”

“Uncucking the Right”

“The End of the GOP”

“Civil War or Partition”

“The Debate is Over Boomers”

“It’s not Cancel Culture, it’s WAR”

“Conservatism is a Mental Disorder”

“Truth Behind the Mask Orders”

“The Future of America after Trump”

“The American Experiment Is Over”

“Conservatives ARE the Problem”

“Riots, Culture, and 2 America’s”

“Balkanization of America”

“How to beat Anxiety and Depression”

“What’s Really Behind the Lockdown?”

“Dating and Marriage”

“Financial Advice for Men”

“Standards for Men”

“What is an Alpha Male”

“Economic Collapse”

“Are Relationships Worth It”

“Stop Giving Women Your Attention”

“The Future of Work and Education”

“Nofap, Retention, and the Carnivore Diet”

“Positivity and Motivation”


“Benefits of Waking Up Early”

“Life is Great”

“Don’t Be Average”

“Confidence and Testosterone”

“Advice for Men”

“Happiness and Last Longer in Bed”

***PTD RADIO ARCHIVE 2015-2016***

“RedIce TV Interview”

“Social Media Addiction”

“PTD Radio Round Table with Sledge & Gage”

“Fat Acceptance Movement”

“Making Our Men Great Again”

“The Weak White Male Problem”

“Solving the Education Problem in America”

“The True Nature of Ourselves”

“Destroying Our Enemies”

“How to Deal with Our Women”

“The Message Our Men Want and Need”

“How to Attract the Youth”

“Protecting Our Children and Relationships”

“Advice for a Basement Dweller”

“Weak White Men and Solving the Problem”

“Alternative to the Alt-Light”

“One Step Forward, Ten Steps Back”

“Cowboy Up!”

“The Plan and the Strategy”

“Happy with 50 Percent”

“We’re NOT CONsevatives”

“Cuckoldtry of the West”

“Masculine Perspective”

“Return of the Equinox”

“Very Fake News”

“A Beautiful Future”

“The Dominant Male Returns”

“The Boomer Problem”

“White America Decides”

“Time to Fight Dirty”

“The Alt-Right”

“The Death of Cable News”

“The Rebirth or Death of America”

“Time to Dominate”

“Everything on the Line”

“Culture is Everything”

“Alternative to the Alt-Right”

“Return of our Men”

“Therapy for the Masculine Mind”

“Ending the Dysgenic Nightmare”

“Return of Aristocracy”

“Time to Aim for Power”

“The Free Shit Crowd”

“It Began with Trump”

“Winter is Coming”

“Why We Fight”

“The Answer”

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Published by PTD Radio

Speaker, Trainer, Radio Show Host, and above all else, a Father concerned about the future of Western Civilization. This website will serve as an outlet with a focus on Men's Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, Finance, Right Wing Politics, Relationship Advice, Wisdom and Life Experience.

2 thoughts on “PTD Radio Archive On Demand

    1. I hope others realize it. Information consumption is an investment in yourself. I’m gonna fill the Archive with over 200 kick ass shows… it already has 100 in there, Classic shit that a lot of you have NEVER heard.


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