Tim from New Jersey {a Friend of Ours} Gets It!

In Response to my last show PTD Radio IS Your Therapy emailer Tim writes:

I’ve mentioned some of this to you already, but something has just clicked in for me the past few days. I’ve been feeling this way on my own, having very little interest in politics, I haven’t watched the “news” in weeks and don’t plan to. But I was still listening to streams here and there and a couple days ago I’m listening to Stack and I’m thinking what the fuck am I doing? Why am I wasting my time with this shit? For this miserable fuck to tell me shit that I already know and feel just so I can go “yea great right on man I agree with that” who the fuck cares.

And that’s what you tell me almost every time i send you that type of shit, and I kinda got what you were saying, but not all the way until I started listening to your motivational content. I had an epiphany of sorts. I agree with you, we are not fucked, not if we focus on making ourselves into powerful warriors.

And from now on that is going to be my main focus. How can I better myself mind body and soul for me and my family and make the best use of my time and not waste it on shit I can’t control and will only bring me down. I’m a long way from where you are, you’ve been living this life for years. But like you, I’m an extremist, when I put myself into something I do it all the way, probably goes back to my addict mindset, but now it will be used for positive.

My primary focus now is making myself into a primal beast fuckin animal. And far as I’m concerned that should be the prime focus of all your shows (and you’re already on the same page with that), I don’t wanna hear politics I just wanna hear masculine shit to make me better. You can still rail on people wearing masks though cause I find that shit hysterical.

Anyway, I fuckin get it and I’m fired up. 

Published by PTD Radio

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7 thoughts on “Tim from New Jersey {a Friend of Ours} Gets It!

  1. Powerful email.

    Good to hear people on the right track.

    I lived in Jersey for 43 years of my life. I don’t miss it at all. Moving out of that state will automatically Motivate you.

    Get the fuck out of New Jersey Boys!


    1. Unfortunately I just moved out here 2 months ago from New York so for me this is an improvement, an all white suburb. I definitely know what you’re saying but I’m gonna have to make the best of it here for at least the next few years.


  2. “Why am I wasting my time with this miserable fuck telling me shit that I already know and feel” is exactly the point.

    All this shit becomes one giant smoke screen and distraction from what you should be doing with your life. That’s why the message of PTD is so on point. The message and focus should always be what are we doing about it.


  3. I don’t wanna hear politics either. In fact, I don’t want to hear about anything that I can’t fucking use. Presidents and Congressional representatives are fucking puppets for the central banks, and we’ve been letting fucking idiots vote for the last 60 years. It’s pretty much useless to even discuss at this point.


  4. Those pictures are classic, are those old school pics from New Jersey? Amazing that men actually looked like men back in the day and just looked like they meant business.


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