PTD Radio IS Your Therapy

On today’s show I talked instilling power, motivation, and inspiration into the souls of our folks. My future plans for PTD Radio going forward. Why I’m not “fucked” and why my listeners aren’t “fucked.” Another Round of Trivia and a Free T-Shirt Give Away! Millenial Men and a Generation of straight pussies. I also covered the recent EXPLOSION in cryptocurrencies and why many of us will 10x our wealth soon… as well as a full session of therapy for the masculine mind.


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Published by PTD Radio

Speaker, Trainer, Radio Show Host, and above all else, a Father concerned about the future of Western Civilization. This website will serve as an outlet with a focus on Men's Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, Finance, Right Wing Politics, Relationship Advice, Wisdom and Life Experience.

17 thoughts on “PTD Radio IS Your Therapy

  1. Appreciate the shoutout on the show Rich 🤑

    BTW the two songs were

    Chris Stapleton – Arkansas
    Randy Houser – Nothin on You


  2. Agree with your take on political talk at this point I’m completely exhausted from the election fallout and the run up and at this point I really don’t care . Im not even 1/10th interested in it as I was . They can all fuck off


  3. You’ve really got a great attitude man. I really love your style and delivery. Ive already been plugging your site all over, and I’ll continue do my best to spread the word about the show.


  4. What’s your opinion on XRP Ripple?

    I’ve been holding for a while and waiting for a serious spike, I bought on the last big dip we had weeks ago so I’m still up pretty big.

    Should I just stick with Bitty and Ether or continue to hold?


  5. You ever think about making a BitChute channel? I think you should consider it. Might be a way to get more people here, I’ll do it for you if you give me permission to use your shows Rich?


  6. Always a great show bro. I’m not into stocks and money shit, I’m a saver, grinding shit out to pay off mortgage and get land. but it’s always good to hear someone who doesn’t piss and moan all the time.

    Question: who does that youth of nation cover you play every few shows?


  7. Also, I’m looking forward to getting back to fasting. All I did while I was a Grunt in the Marines for 8 years was bodyweight shit, hikes, and running. In August I got into lifting, and I’m hooked. Made myself a C channel rack, plates and other equipment from scrap steel at work. I’m still on a linear progression and stuffing my face. But progress is starting to slow down. Still running though to make sure I don’t turn into a DFB (disgusting fat body). Once Lent comes around I’ll get back to regular fasting. I’ll keep that steak and eggs diet in my back pocket too. Only thing is, my Wife is part Sicilian and is a great fucking cook. Funny part, her best dishes are German and polish dishes. Maybe its because shes also related to Erich Kempka idk.

    Great Fucking Show


    1. I’m almost entirely Italian (fathers family from Northern Italy, the Lombard Region) (Mothers family is from the South, Bari)… so it’s very difficult for me too. Thanks for the kind words.


      1. Haha yep, my wife told me how that culture is. Keep stuffing your face until your stomach hurts so you don’t insult nana.


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