Message from WallStreetBets: HODL, Buy All Dips, and do NOT Sell!

PTD Radio just added another 800 shares of $AMC to the Portfolio early this morning. I will be holding shares all week long. I will also add again on any significant dip.

This is clearly sending a firm and powerful message. Folks need to HODL the line and DO NOT fucking sell. Raise your ask price to $1,000.00 or more per share. Make these bastards pay an absurd amount of $$$ to cover their ass.

There is still a short position of over 85% in $AMC alone. If retards sell, to lock in a messily 5% gain or even a 20% or 50% gain… this will all end very quickly. The plan is to HODL all week long.

DO NOT Sell (1) fucking share. This is WAR.

Act like a disciplined soldier holding the line. If you become the part of the line that breaks, it’s on you, and your brothers DIE. Once again… DO NOT SELL!!!

This could be HUGE.

And it could also be DISASTROUS.

Make the right choice: HODL and BUY all Dips today. Together we Win!!!

Published by PTD Radio

Speaker, Trainer, Radio Show Host, and above all else, a Father concerned about the future of Western Civilization. This website will serve as an outlet with a focus on Men's Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, Finance, Right Wing Politics, Relationship Advice, Wisdom and Life Experience.

One thought on “Message from WallStreetBets: HODL, Buy All Dips, and do NOT Sell!

  1. Nice 800 shares. I’m hoping dogecoin explodes again. About 5,000 shares for $0.20 it was up to .88. I didn’t sell nothing it ended up talking nothing. Everything is low right now cuz these hedge funders are probably pulling in and out dropping the price. I’m holding. Thanks for the advice!


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