Gratification & Finding a Purpose in Life

On today’s show I talked about how Trump’s Presidency from beginning to end, inadvertently BLEW UP this entire system.… lighting a fire under the ass of our folks. Hedge Funds like Sabby Management, Citadel, and Melvin Capital are literally the SCUM of the EARTH. Maybe the GameStop fiasco was the turning point we need, as retail investors aim to finally demolish these hedge funds and greedy short sellers. Why you must incorporate the “Steak and Egg Diet” challenge for the month of February. “Instant gratification is overrated. It’s about the process. It’s the difficulty. It’s the grind of all of it that you better enjoy. That’s what makes it great.” And “He who has a why to live for, can bear almost any how.” DYNAMITE SHOW!!!


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Speaker, Trainer, Radio Show Host, and above all else, a Father concerned about the future of Western Civilization. This website will serve as an outlet with a focus on Men's Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, Finance, Right Wing Politics, Relationship Advice, Wisdom and Life Experience.

20 thoughts on “Gratification & Finding a Purpose in Life

    1. GREAT FIND Karen. They’re always financing both sides… if these evil scumbags don’t do serious time, there’s no reason to believe that ANY LAWS apply anymore.


      1. No one’s doing time for this. If anything they’ll be “fined” but they’re hoping it’ll be less than what they losing on their short positions. Let’s not let that happen. HODL and BUY all Dips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      2. Robinhood and other “FREE” brokerages monetize their hold on active traders who are completely uninformed. They sell their LIVE TIME trading info to the likes Citadel, who pay for the ability to realize a bid-ask spread without taking the risk of trading with informed traders. Retail investors get to trade for free, and the new generation of Wall Street behemoths like Citadel monetize their ignorance, and the old-line investment banks that used to pocket that bid-ask spread have moved on to becoming, like Goldman Sachs, some combination of a commercial bank and a hedge fund.

        This will probably end badly for the retail investors, though I’m not sure when and how. Then again some people are gonna make a TON of money along the way. Financial markets will do what they have done for centuries, reallocate wealth from the uninformed to the informed. Every bubble comes with redistribution, it’s nothing more than timing gains that are redistributions from other parties. The current sentiment in the markets, will only serve to amplify that redistribution toward the rich and informed, all the while suggesting that it is doing the opposite.


  1. Another good show today bro. I’ve done Girondas diet before and it works. I’ve only done it for max two weeks but everyone has different fitness goals. For fat guys it will work wonders, even in two weeks once the carbs/sugars (that hold water) are purged. On another note do you recommend any specific books on investing in the stock market?


    1. “A (NOT) So Random Walk on Wall Street” By
      Gregory Mannarino. A No-Nonsense Framework on How to Beat the Market and Create Wealth.

      I interviewed this guy about 9 years ago with my cousin on Truth Militia. Stand up dude, extremely knowledgeable!

      Sign Up for His Newsletter Here:

      Probably one of the only market guys worth a damn left on YouTube as well:

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  2. Your Radio Show Rocks man. I just found your website On Friday morning and I’ve been plugging into your shows since then. You sound like a professional host. More people should know about you. I’m spreading links to your show on my networks.


  3. I tried the Gironda diet last summer got into amazing shape and felt great. You’re 100% correct about the RAGGING HARD ONS and URGES. Can barely control yourself. Definitely an intense way of eating. It’s crazy to think that after a few weeks or months of doing this and only eating steak with eggs, that you actually only start craving those two foods. You don’t even think about anything else


  4. Great website and radio show, who are you? Continue the great work please. I think the markets are a microcosm for what’s about to happen with Bitcoin. Watch what happens to the price of BTC after the Michael Saylor conference in Feb 3-4th when the high profile execs need to grab their fill! People will be kicking themselves in a week if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Bitcoin as it’s retracing….BE WISE


  5. You guys have to remember that the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” requires the old system to fail before they can bring in the new one. I have a feeling the Gamestop thing was actually triggered by them.


  6. Sometimes I wonder why I’ve decided to remain in a small town, away from all the big cities, in an area where rents are still cheap, and there are many options unavailable in big cities (cheap land to buy where you can raise animals, cut you own wood for heating, grow crops, etc.) but as I see things going, I do not regret my choice.


  7. He’s BACK!!!!!!

    Rich where the hell did you go man?

    I think the last time I heard your show was back in 2016. Nice to see you still rocking. I just sent you an email, I made a donation, how do I get a login for your Radio archive?

    Thanks bro


    1. Hey Ryan,

      Life, work, kids, wife, family, stress and a lack of time Bro. But I’m back and I ain’t going nowhere.

      As long as guys like you back me financially I’ll keep pumping out content on a weekly basis.

      Anyone that donates at least $25 bucks gets access to the archive. Check your email, I responded back to you and sent you the log in credentials. Give me your shirt size and address so I can mail you out a t-shirt.


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