Prepare for another INSANE Day of Trading!

The following stocks will be the most volatile this morning into the market close. I suggest you take a SMALL scalable position in one or all of them just based on PRINCIPLE ALONE.


If you own these, DO NOT SELL!! Today we make a statement! We have already won half the battle.. we’ve exposed the crooks.

Now we must FINISH THEM.

Even if you’re in the GREEN, don’t SELL YET.
If it closes under a certain percent they can buy more shorts to cover their original ones. Keep the price up and they can’t short it for that day.

The interest for thier original shorts will build up until they have to buy to cover in After hours. In AH set your limit sell to something ridiculously high like $1,000.00 or $5,000.00 per share, and when they’re forced to cover, they’ll be forced to buy your stock at that price because the short percentage is over 100%.

They will be forced to either go bankrupt or sell other stocks to cover. It’s Economic Warfare.


They do similar stuff to retail all the time, they’re just mad that enough people came together to actually make it a possibility.




1st BUYS for PTD RADIO this morning @ 7:00am – 100 shares each of $NOK ($5.06) and $AMC ($12.73) adding to small positions. If they dip, I will buy again.


If you make money off of these trades please make a worthy donation to a reputable charity for Children!!!

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17 thoughts on “Prepare for another INSANE Day of Trading!

  1. At 10 o’clock after their pathetic attempt of a short attack, every single share bought at the ask and held will be important. Do what you can. Get friends and family involved. Any amount is extremely helpful. If you buy and hold one share, the cause thanks you just the same as if you buy 10k shares. Let’s stick together for once. They’ll be very afraid if we do.


  2. I fucking love your attitude and enthusiasm Rich. You’re truly the only real ride or die nigga left on the right. Most of the faggots are still crying about Trump like a bunch of pussies. I think you predicted that too. 😆

    I hope these fucking STONKS go up 💯 x


  3. Zack AMC Entertainment (AMC) Moves to Strong Buy: Rationale Behind the Upgrade We decreased out debt by 600m $$ w/ 44m shares ( 600m div 44m = $13.64 per shares) Nice 😊 New news to raise more capital 😊👍 Almost like a SPAC but we don’t need a partner from blank check because we the share holders are the partner. Raising funds from this company anything developed from those funds from this company makes us solid partners! GLTA😊😊😊 1.2 billion raised plus reduced 600m debt in 2 weeks now more capital !! somethings up only needed300m to prevent BK !! WERE WELL OVER THAT!! Banks give money as needed in increments it’s all good people!! maybe another Billion up to$30 to $40 w/ hopefully a new subsidiary EVs, Batteries or Charging Stations! AMC owner is a Billionaire I’m sure he will put it to good use!!😊👍


  4. ‼️Please share!!! ‼️

    What the suits did yesterday is very illegal and will be held accountable !

    Today the buying resumes!

    Load on AMC to fight back !

    We are in this together !!!

    Let’s get ready for this ! If you are selling before next week you should get some face paint and paint your face 🤡! We just getting started


  5. Nokia is on the SSR list, it’s on the NYSE spreadsheet. Meaning the price action can only be buying and selling today, no shorting. Do your part people, buy and hold!!! GO AND SET YOUR SELL LIMITS TO $1000. DO IT. DO IT NOW.



    If AMC closes above $9 today (which it did) all the calls expire in the money and market makers will be forced to buy shares back at a premium. Here’s what we’re looking at:

    9$ Close: 20-30$ on Monday

    12$ Close: 40-60$ on Monday

    15$ Close: 60-100$ on Monday

    quick explanation for AMC: The hedge funds sold call options on AMC up to $9. If the price closes above 9 today, those options will get exercised and the hedge funds will be on the hook to provide 100 AMC shares for each option contract sold. Therefore they will have to buy back at market prices to provide those shares. this will compound the upward price movement (called a gamma squeeze). The higher AMC closes today, the larger the positive effect. Additionally, short interest on AMC has gone up 13% this week (71% -> 84%) meaning they are doubling down on their short. If we can gamma squeeze today (keep price above 9), then the short squeeze will soon follow. REMEMBER, THE NAME OF THE GAME IS PATIENCE. HOLD AND DON’T LET THEM WIN THEIR SHADY GAMES. REPOST THIS TO SPREAD THE WORD. obligatory not financial advice…


    1. ‼️please share‼️
      These stocks aren’t just a hold until Monday !!! We start climbing high on Monday ! We need to hold and fight for the next few weeks !!!! We will be 100+ if we can keep fighting ! Spread the word get people involved ! Explain to them the movement and we all rise together 🤝🔱🚀🤟🏼 Also drop me a follow I been working hard as hell at this 🤓🤟🏼💥🤝🔱🤝💥

      Follow me here:


  7. CONGRATULATIONS if you held AMC

    Final numbers for AMC ARE IN! Price closed at $13.34. 199,752 Put options expire out of the money

    Hedge funds need to purchase ROUGHLY 20,000,000 million shares before Monday morning

    That’s 40% of AMC’s float

    Monday were going full send

    Make sure you have high sell limit. Don’t let them have your shares for cheap



  8. I Am Posting This On Every Blog I Can Find.

    Please Spread:

    Let me explain to the best of my ability what we are trying to do.

    AMC is the move rn – hold it! if it is held next week (monday /tuesday) big funds will have to buy because of their shorts ( their bets against amc etc) this will make it so as long as WE ALL HOLD AMC the price is for sure to rocket the beginning of next week. THIS IS CERTAIN IF WE HOLD. if we sell and are split it wont happen.

    Next week we will be doing NOK, so if u dont have money rn to invest in amc then get that. but do not sell AMC yet.

    To the people who argues that Nokia does not has enough short ratio to spark a rally like GME, I hope we can reason it out with some simple math:

    The market cap for GME is <1B. With a 80% short, the hedges get to make ~800M in the event that the stocks get utterly eviscerated.

    If share prices double, the hedges will lose 800M. This is what it means in dollar terms.

    Nokia might only have 10% shorts, but with a market cap of 23B, the hedges basically has a 2.4B bet – 3 times that of what they have on GME.

    If the masses have our way, NOK will be far more painful for the hedges than GME.

    Mpreover, there are mounting evidences that the funds are paying to attention to Nokia.

    (1) Recall the halt that happened 2 nights ago right after prices shot up to 9.79? Prices crashed immediately thereafter. It was obvious that certain circuit breaker measures were triggered by some large players. Measures to scare us off that is.

    (2) 1B volume traded in a single day and prices stay flat. It is obvious some big players were able to stagnate the prices with ladder trading. Likewise, scare tactics.

    (3) Why was NOK singled out alone with other reddit stocks for a ban if the hedges were not concerned?

    Hold your lines guys. We are on the verge of victory.

    They are trying to scare us but we can beat them. DO NOT SELL BECAUSE U MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO BUY BACK
    the only way we lose is if u sell.



    1. I truly hope all of you guys are right, and more importantly, I hope these companies don’t dilute their shares over the weekend or pull some bullshit offering next Monday. I hope you all get fucking RICH.


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