Brokers MANIPULATE MARKET to save hedge fund billionaires & punish retail traders

Today was the most blatant act of thievery and stock manipulation in our nations history.

The trading platform Robinhood, forced the price of certain equities to crash so hedgefunds could cover their shorts. Every so often, exchanges will put a halt on all trading for EXTREMELY VOLATILE stocks.

However, never will they ONLY allow you to SELL and prevent you from buying it. This is what Robinhood did today with tickers: $amc $gme $nok $sndl $nakd.

The most likely influential hedge fund that pressured Robinhood into this move was Citadel. My guess is they reloaded their shorts before they told Robinhood to stop allowing the purchase of these stocks.

If this is proven to be true, Citadel management and the Robinhood founders should be bankrupted and thrown in jail.

If this only ends with an “investigation” we will all know that there are literally ZERO rules left in this “country.” My man Elon gets it:

In support of the retail investor, I took up small positions in two of these stocks, $AMC and $NOK, and will now hold them with iron gloves of steel, along with millions of other retail investors, until these fuckers are forced to cover.

The following (2) hosts sum it up perfectly:

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14 thoughts on “Brokers MANIPULATE MARKET to save hedge fund billionaires & punish retail traders

  1. People need to take a step back and have a good look at the broad situation of what is going on here.

    1) Robinhood is now selling peoples shares against their will.

    It is finished because of this…. no one will trust them ever again.

    2) The users of Robinhood will never, never invest in stocks again, they outsmarted the big guys and instead of making out like bandits the institutions colluded to make sure they couldn’t make what was rightfully due to them.

    3) If anyone under 45 now has the taste of sick in their mouth after all this and will never touch a share again who the F is going to buy all the boomer shares when they need to sell? Nobody….

    4) When nobody wants the stock the FED will have to step in and buy them…. of course.

    5) And most importantly of all…… What is going to happen to the billions of dollars that will shortly be leaving Robinhood, other trading apps and the stock market in general….? My guess would be quite a bit of it will find its way back in to Bitcoin.

    Not only is Robinhood finished after this, but I would say the entire stock market too as well as Wall St.


    1. I agree 100% after today, Robinhood just literally blew up their business model. They are finished, no one will trust them ever again. I mean, it’s already a fake market and the FED has backstopped this BIG FAT BUBBLE for the last year, and continued Dollar weakness will keep it afloat for awhile, until it doesn’t. So right now you can’t hide in the dollar, they force you into equities, maybe just stay in real estate or crypto is about all.


  2. Shit! Robinhood stopped me from buying these stocks this morning. I thought it was a free market? We all need to come up with a plan like these reddit guys did, and Jew the Jews!


  3. I took a position in GME, NOK, and AMC right before the close. All 3 are UP nice in after hours trading. Tomorrow and Monday could be fireworks 💥


  4. This was BEYOND CRIMINAL today. I hope these hedge fund cockroaches burn in fucking hell. I bought GameStop after hours Thursday, in hindsight I should’ve taken some profits off the table when it hit 400. But now it’s fucking war. I not selling 1 share. Come join the stocktwits board guys, we’re all in this together.


  5. The funniest thing about all of this is it’s making strange bedfellows. AOC, Ted Cruz and Elon Musk all called this out today, Cruz and AOC both demanding charges against Robinhood, and all 3 want short selling banned, and hedge fund trades made public daily. 1st time I think I agree with AOC –


  6. 10s of Billions lost by retail investors today due to this RH fiasco. buying was restricted. But not selling. If nobody can buy, how do you sell? Why the fuck did robinhood not announce the day before that they weren’t going to allow any buying???? They were very open ended on what they announced before the locked the buying and shut down the option books which should be fucking illegal!!!!!!! The fact that Robinhood is allowing “limited purchases” now is like letting people think they can do what they want to do but still have complete control. Eat these motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!


      1. Rich, dogecoin just skyrocketed. I placed an order tonight on Robinhood. I don’t know where else to buy Bitcoin. Hopefully Robinhood doesn’t stop my deposit.


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