Information is an Investment

On today’s show I talked about January being our best month to date, but how some of the traffic is very mysterious… due to some unusual, unlikely foreign guests. The bulk of today’s show however dealt with how we Invest in our time, in Information, and in ourselves. Start viewing EVERYTHING as an investment. I also covered a rather long piece on White Europeans genetic attachment to Hibernation and how we prepare ourselves for the Spring!


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23 thoughts on “Information is an Investment

  1. Fascinating shit towards the end. I think I’ll give it a go.

    So to sum it up, don’t CUM for periods of 21-30 days, only eat meat fish and eggs, and use intermittent fasting with the occasional longer fast?

    The 1st one will be the hardest for me.


  2. PORN is and has always been enemy number #1 and the Jew has used it to destroy us. The Israelis used porn as a weapon against the Palestinians for decades to crush their men’s souls.


  3. Great advice on how we both utilize and WASTE our time. I find myself listening to shit or watching something now and half way through I think to myself what the hell am I doing? There’s a million other things I should be focused on and doing instead of that. Time is truly the most precious thing we have. And man do we waste a lot of it.


  4. I’m always dragging ass in January, I don’t know what it is, right after Christmas and New Years, i always have way too many cheat days and sleep more than usual. But I start to turn on a new gear around March or April and Knock off about 10 lbs of extra fat I accumulate during the winter months. It’s definitely a seasonal thing for me, it’s interesting to see that maybe it is linked to our Caucasiod genes.


    1. By the way I have been such a shit bag alcoholic lately I appreciate the add on to your Podcast talking about what you did for health reasons ect..


      1. Tough habit to kick. I drink red wine maybe once or twice a month, but it’s never more than a glass or two. Alcohol is a big part of our culture and history. Self regulation is key.


  5. Great show man, thanks for sharing such valuable advice with us all.. it has really given me a more positive, productive and aspirational approach to everything I do.

    Re. the international IP addresses.. a lot of people use VPNs or Tor browsers, which might throw up a few anomolies.. not sure it explains the Israel bias though?


      1. Hi Richard, your American/Israeli fan is the guy that emailed you June 20th of last year.

        I’m not sure who the 2 livestream viewers were, but I’d say I account for the 100 hits/month, because I’ve been checking the home page for new updates 2-3 times a day. I doubt any other Israelis are watching you or know of you.

        If anyone important were monitoring you, you wouldn’t be able to detect them, of course.

        Wish y’all the best. It’s heartening to hear your wholesome, masculine take on things.


      2. Appreciate the response. Being monitored wasn’t a concern of mine, it was just more of a curiosity. And no you’re not the only one visiting this site from Israel. 93 unique visitors have come to my site this month from Israel. In the Prior month of December I only had a total of 4 visitors from Israel, I’m assuming you being one of them.

        My Website Stats for January

        Country of Origin – Unique Visitors
        United States 5,366
        United Kingdom 329
        Italy. 147
        Germany 143
        Canada 98
        Israel. 97


  6. My wife and I have a great sex life, 2-3 times a week, still very into each other after many years. I feel it makes our relationship and marriage stronger, brings us closer, makes us better and happier parents. We feel it’s very important to make that time for each other no matter how busy we may be with other things. Maybe some people don’t have that with their spouses so what you are suggesting is beneficial for them, but I still work out like an animal and am very happy with my relationship with my wife. So while I see where you’re going with that, I don’t think it’s for me personally.

    I agree with you for the most part on childless people, especially since I became a dad, you really don’t know what it is to love something more than yourself and be willing to die for something without hesitation until you become a parent…. But I do see the perspective of not wanting to bring a child into this anti white degenerate world. It’s what has my wife and I very conflicted over having a second child. White kids today are born with so many strikes against them and I just don’t see enough being done to change that right now to subject another child to that in good conscious, it’s tough.

    I may try chopping wood though, sounds like a good natural workout.


    1. You can still fuck on this plan Tim, just don’t finish. Let her finish. The objective is NOT to abstain from Sex, the objective is to retain your SEED. Just try it for 2 or 3 weeks.


  7. Rich, did you hear about what these guys from reddit just did? They bought a bunch of cheat stocks and now are getting rich! Can everyone on here come up with a plan like that?


    1. I might take a small piece of NOK and AMC this morning, and ride it out until Friday. Short% is still off the chart and if retail can force covers like we saw this week, these (2) can SOAR.


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