The Killer Instinct

Today’s show focused on strategy moving forward and acquiring the Killer Instinct. Turning the switch on and off. The LOVE and HATE dynamic and the power of both FEAR and GREED. More on Families, Children and Marriage. And more on the PTD method to achieve victory, when we’re surrounded by a world full of shit.


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Published by PTD Radio

Speaker, Trainer, Radio Show Host, and above all else, a Father concerned about the future of Western Civilization. This website will serve as an outlet with a focus on Men's Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, Finance, Right Wing Politics, Relationship Advice, Wisdom and Life Experience.

8 thoughts on “The Killer Instinct

  1. Good show tonight buddy. Everyone’s looking for answers right now, even other content creators. It’s totally fear driven as you correctly pointed out. The numbers of downloads and visitors to the site with virtually no advertising or capital backing should signify people appreciate your work. If you were “permitted” on the big tech controlled, approved and monopolized platforms you could quit your job and do this full time. You’d be well off, instead your work is more appreciated because we know, that you know, you’re not allowed on those platforms and never will be. None of the people that speak to these harsh realities of our situation are allowed on any government approved anti white platforms. Guys like Fuentes, Dino and you have to broadcast on your own website. That is our future. Pro white content creators with their own websites and to anyone reading this who hasn’t contributed to your top 5 content creators this month…. WE HAVE TO CONTRIBUTE FINANCIALLY. If you’re a straight white Christian male who doesn’t subscribe to leftist drivel you have no choice but to kick in some shekels or die. Keep cranking out the straight shit Rich, it’s resonating right on time.


    1. That is ultimately our future, until an independent monetized platform is available to us. I still believe that will come… and it’ll have to be funded OUTSIDE of the current banking system. Right now… there’s not much left that’s worth listening to. But if shit is not funded, there won’t be anything left.


      1. Have you looked at I don’t know if that’s an option. There’s also bitchute. Way of the world is on there.


  2. I’m a lot older than you Rich, I’ve been around for a long enough time to know that most people are entirely full of shit. I’ve been hearing about the same fucking problems for the last 40 years. If people aren’t talking about solutions they’re worthless. Great point you make about the childless among us. If you don’t have children or you’re not gonna have children, why the fuck do you even care about anything if you’re leaving nothing behind? I hear from a lot of young white people today who say that they don’t want Children or a family, because they were raised by shitty parents in shitty marriages in a world they don’t see getting any better. And nobody has any answers for them other than to just throw more gasoline on the fire and tell them how fucked we are. I’m really sick of it. Thanks for continuing to plug away at this in the unique way that you do. Just got my PTD Shirt in yesterday, my old ass is wearing it to the gun range today. Keep kicking ass bro.


    1. I’m 47 years old this year, and I have no children. The reasons for this are two-fold. The first reason is that I never found a woman worth marrying and having children with, just a bunch of whiny, entitled, self-obsessed, narcissistic females that I wouldn’t want as a mother for my children. The second reason is that I would be utterly ashamed and embarrassed to let my children inherit this planet in the state that it’s now in. If we’re going to have kids, then I think that we should at least have a world worth bringing kids into – not this morally depraved shithole. But does that mean that I don’t (or shouldn’t) care about the world I am living in, or that I don’t want to make it better? Just because my genetics are not involved? Absolutely not! For me, choosing to give a damn about my country and its people is not based on whether or not I have a personal stake in the matter. Rather, I feel as though those of us currently living on this planet have a sacred duty and responsibility to take care of it. Not just for the sake of those who will come after us, but also to honour those people who came before us – their lives, efforts and struggles to create all of these great things that my generation now takes completely for granted. Please do not engage in this kind of negative rhetoric against those of us who remain childless. This is not a “one size fits all world” and nor were my mother and father bad parents (my sister has kids). The decision to have children in today’s increasingly totalitarian – and morally and financially bankrupt – countries is a deeply personal one, and not a choice that everyone can be expected to make.


  3. Good Investment advice, I’ve been working in the financial sector for the last 20 years.

    I got into these markets after the dot com bubble and 911 market crashes. What I noticed real fast as a young man is that the active traders and vets love CHAOS.

    They love it because they make bank on both ends, short & long, and they are all trading on inside information. You’re DEAD ON in laughing at the “rules.” There are no rules, and they never were. Only the idiots get caught, and even when they do, they get a slap on the wrist.

    Investing strategies have also changed quite a bit now and you’re 100% correct that these index funds are straight trash and filled with shit that prevent you from realizing SIGNIFICANT GAINS.

    You need to pick individual stocks and companies in disruptive fields right now and not follow the advice of people like Dave Ramsey.

    All throughout my career Ive seen the same behavior from the middle class, they still think they can SAVE their way to wealth. They keep running to their savings accounts earning .01% “interest” as the Jew continues to devalue their currency.

    You’re doing incredible work here bro. I love your radio show, and I’ll continue to contribute.


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