Reality Check for the Right in America

Today’s show was laser focused with a HARDCORE Solution. You’re no longer an “American” in the sense that you once knew it. Nor are you a principled CONservative. You are now a member of the Gambino or Bonanno Crime Family. Don’t be a sucker, get SWITCHED ON, wake the fuck up! More on relocation plans and what we need to do RIGHT NOW, as we empower ourselves going forward to secure a future for our children.


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11 thoughts on “Reality Check for the Right in America

  1. Good one tonight buddy. Totally agree with the strategy. Hopefully more of our folks will start to embrace the psychological and in some cases physical war that’s been waged upon us.


    1. I’m really interested to see how these Normie Cons and Trump Sycophants respond going forward. I doubt they’ll go back to waving the flag or seek to reconcile their differences with the so called “left.”


      1. My guess is they will continue to whine on social media but other than that they will fall in line and always have some sort of excuse for why they can’t take action. My prediction for them, let them prove me wrong


  2. BTW did you see Guliani throw Fuentes and the Groypers under the bus? Always puzzled me how Nick could be so strong in so many areas but fight so hard for Trump, a scumbag piece of shit who would turn on him in a heartbeat, let alone acknowledge his existence.


      1. Yes he did and then he stumbled trying to pronounce groypers, calling them sick anti semites and saying they organized the capital riot with Antifa. I’ll send you the clip…, Old senile fuck. Trumps guy lol. It’s sad. But even before that I just have no idea why Nick put so much energy into fighting for Trump, makes no sense, Trump is the opposite of America first.


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