Tucker Carlson Amens Biden’s call for “Unity.”

Once again, PTD is way ahead of the curve, following a bunch of this shit so you guys don’t have to. I said that we should all take a step back from national politics for awhile, but this is way too important for me to ignore. I told you that the so called “Right” in America (Fox, OAN, NewsMax) would continue to play defense, beg the LEFT and the Democrats to STOP targeting conservatives and Trump voters, and WORST OF ALL… call for “UNITY.” 😆

Last night, in his opening monologue, Tucker Carlson did just that.

He said: “Bringing America together, uniting our people, and uniting our nation is priority number one. Unity is precisely what this nation needs more so than anything. We are all in this together, and we have no choice but to hang together. Let’s finally accept that we are one country and let’s act like we are. And make this a better place for everyone. UNITY… no decent person opposes that.” If Joe Biden can bring UNITY to this country, he will truly be a great president.”

You heard that right idiots… if you reject UNITY (in a fake country) with a bunch of schizophrenic, psychotic leftists that want you and your children dead, you can’t call yourself a “decent person.”

Thats right, you have to embrace the system again, pretend like this is a legitimate country, with a legitimate political system, and we have to mend fences and come together as Americans.

Obviously ANYONE on the political right preaching anything remotely close to this is a grifter, a Cuck, a scam artist, and someone ONLY concerned about one thing: maintaining the status quo and their lifestyle inflation.

Here’s the litmus test going forward…

If they’re NOT telling you that these people are our “ENEMIES” like PTD does, they’re completely full of shit.

If they continue treating this like we’re still in a debate with people who just have different opinions, and that its not a struggle against a people who want you, your family, your children, and your history here wiped out… they’re completely full of shit.

This is NOT by accident. It’s deliberate.

Right now they want you weak, blackpilled, soft, fat, and totally cucked… and most importantly… they want you running back to them for “answers.”

Don’t do it folks!

Be Brave.

Be Strong.

Don’t EVER submit.

We will power through this, with, or without them!

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3 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Amens Biden’s call for “Unity.”

  1. Thanks for sitting through this shit so I don’t have to Rich, as I’ve been tuned out of this garbage long before the election. I unequivocally reject unity with my enemies and anyone saying anything other than that is my fuckin enemy.


  2. I checked the fuck out of this shit along time ago Rich, I have no taste for it. I don’t need to hear about the problem for the 99th thousandth time. I want to focus on solutions and answers. And clearly these fuckers don’t have any.


  3. There will be no “unity”. The Left slaps us in the face with their dicks, and then call for unity. I don’t think so Scooter…..


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