Assange & Snowden denied Pardons. Trump was Always full of Shit!

As if his last act of betrayal wasn’t enough for us to endure, throwing all of his supporters under the bus after the events at the Capital. Trump now leaves office an even bigger failure and disgrace who chose to Pardon the likes of Lil’ Wayne over Julian Assange and Edward Snowden!

Trump was either just a ConMan all along, or just an inept Retard, or maybe both? In what universe is this even remotely acceptable or even understandable? None of this makes any sense at all. For what reason would you deny pardons to hero’s defending our once cherished protections under the Bill of Rights?

This was Trumps last card to salvage at least a fraction of support from the 75 million people who voted for him. But just like everything the guy touched, he fucked that up too. But maybe it wasn’t a fuck up? Maybe it was all just an act?

If there’s ever a monument to MAGA…

PTD is gonna piss all over it!

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14 thoughts on “Assange & Snowden denied Pardons. Trump was Always full of Shit!

  1. I’m truly ashamed to admit that I was sucked in for more than 3.5 years backing this guy. I threw my hands up before the election, after the RNC cringe fest. The only silver lining for me is that we live on a few acres of land in a rural town of less than 5,000 people in a very conservative state and county.


  2. It really is a catastrophe. If you ask me, I favor the theory that tRump was an actor all along and we got played. In the back of my mind I knew I couldn’t trust this guy from NYC with all of these kosher friends and allies. I went against my own better judgement. We can’t let it happen to us again. BTW, just a heads up Rich, James Edwards of the Political Cesspool mentioned you and your website the other night and had some nice things to say.


  3. This guy has not said one thing in 4 years to show me that he “gets it” on anything we care about, not once. We got fooled by campaign Trump in 16, straight up con man, no beliefs principles or ideology of his own. And his supporters never once held him accountable, they’d go to his rallies and cheer for everything he said no matter what it was like drooling fuckin boomer retards. If they boo’d him when he went on about black unemployment or Israel maybe he’d think something was wrong and act, but for all this idiot knew, he was doing a good job and people were happy with him. They are as much to blame as he is.


    1. As much as I want to, I’m not entirely sure that we can blame the general public. 99% of them went to public schools, most of them have IQ’s under 100, and they’re natural instinct is to be Sheep. After all, most of us fell for Trump. Nevertheless this should be a hard learned lesson for all of them. Will they learn? Probably not.


  4. Quite frankly I think his actions are far worse than disgraceful, he goaded his most gullible supporters into criminal activity (in one case death) and still didn’t give a shit about protecting them.


  5. Trump is no different than your average selfish boomer. They already got theirs. Whether they destroyed everything here as a result, clearly doesn’t matter to them. I’ll never forgive them. The “night of the pillow” will absolutely commence and none of us should shed a tear when they’re all snuffed out by aunt Jemima in their nursing homes.


  6. After today, I can’t wait to turn this chapter in my life and never have to see or hear from this guy or his family again. I really don’t care what he started, or whatever’s left of it. He had a chance to actually make change and he did NOTHING. He Surrounded himself with incompetent advisors and swamp rats, and he even undid his own executive order allowing them to lobby again. He conned the Fuck outta all of us. But hey, he did achieve the lowest black unemployment!


  7. Trump was Israel first from day one. He literally just pardoned a bunch of Israeli spy’s and black rappers, while Julian Assange rots in a cell and Ed Snowden has to hide out in Russia.


  8. Look at it on the bright side, at least we won’t have to hear from these Q-Annon cucks anymore, about 4d chess and the masterful chessman that is Trump.


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