Watch Gotti {1996} & Take Notes!

The film industry and that dick sucking faggot John Travolta, destroyed Gotti with that piece of shit that was released in 2018. Watch Gotti {1996} and take notes my friends. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to the opening scene. It is now the year 2021, this IS the world you now inhabit.

I said it last show… You’re no longer an “American” in the sense that you once knew it. Nor are you a principled CONservative. You are now a member of a Crime Family. All of us are. We are operating in a system that hates our fucking guts, hates everything that we stand for, and the rules don’t apply anymore. Don’t be a sucker, get SWITCHED ON, and wake the fuck up! 

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17 thoughts on “Watch Gotti {1996} & Take Notes!

  1. I own the dvd of this. What a great authentic masculine film, definitely and all time favorite of mine. And boy do I miss John Gotti


    1. You’re the fucking man Tim.

      The OPENING SCENE is so relevant:

      They’ve desecrated the “nation.” You’ve got a world wide crime syndicate now.

      There’s no RULES

      There’s no PARAMETERS

      There’s no FEELINGS


      You now have ANARCHY.

      So… … … 5-10 years from now, they’re gonna wish it was La Cosa Nostra.


      1. Yep, every time I watch that it hits me so hard cause I grew up in Bensonhurst, and yea these aren’t good guys we’re talking about, but it was a tight knit community, we looked out for each other, outsiders came in causing trouble it wasn’t gonna end well for em… and I would take that any day of the week over whatever the fuck you wanna call what we have now


  2. I couldn’t agree more. I replaced our Old Glory 🇺🇸 with a No Quarter No Mercy flag a long time ago Rich.

    An American? There’s no such thing.

    The Constitution? Never heard of it.

    Rules? I don’t see any.

    I’m getting mine, no matter what I have to do to secure what my family needs.


  3. Rich, I know You, Keith and Tom split up like 10 years ago, but you have to listen to his last show before he died, it was right before the election. He predicted everything that is happening right now.

    He also predicted that soon all Rightwingers will be purged from the internet, another major covid lockdown will happen, there will be confiscation of all legal guns by Kamala Harris who will quickly become president, 10’s of millions of migrants will flood the country, crime will rage out of control, POLICE will call in sick and retire in massive numbers, all future elections will be inconsequential and meaningless, Billionaires will run the country completely, and anyone in power that steps out of line will be assassinated like JFK.


    1. Rich you did a show with this guy? I had no idea. How did you end up hooking up with him as he’s so much older than you? That must be an interesting story


    2. That’s truly a horrifying list there Ben. I might just take that and assess each one on my next show. Terrible Tommy was a complicated dude, but a hard worker, a wise man, and someone who dedicated his entire life to this shit. I can’t say that agree with all of tactics, but he’s correct about a whole hell of a lot… and I guess we will see soon enough how truly prophetic he was.


  4. I’ve owned this movie on dvd for a decade or more. Originally saw it on HBO and it left an everlasting impression on me, even then in 1996. You’re spot on with the opening scene. Armande Assante outdid himself in this film. The takeaway for me is the movie begins in 1973, a mere 8 years after the 1965 Hart – Sellars immigration act. Over 50 years later and look at the state of the country. Low trust low iq country that’s not United and never will be again. Homogeneous societies are the only successful ones, and race is real. Official Balkanization is the best we can hope for now. The country is geographically big enough and the American empire is dying, they won’t give us our own space, so we’ll have to fight for it.


    1. @Back with a Bang, that is correct. There is no reversing course now. As far as I’m concerned we didn’t even get a “slow down” with Trump. The brakes were never applied and this guy was just put in there to give people the illusion of “1950’s America” returning once again. Not happening, impossible, only achievable now in small tight knit communities.


    2. I agree with both of you guys at this point, but I’m NOT blackpilled over this shit. We can all map out a decent future, but the MACRO concept is definitely gone. We FIGHT LOCAL. Our STRUGGLE is LOCAL. Our FOCUS is LOCAL


  5. I see you have been around for a while, much respect for pushing this message for all this time. I wish I was around for your shows back in those days but happy I discovered you just in time. I’ve never heard someone so right on the money with everything we need to do as a people as you, and someone who just flat out gets it.


  6. If the fucking boomers would’ve put their instant gratification on hold for a few decades, i think we could’ve had a shot at something here on a national level politically speaking. But not anymore. I’m looking forward to the night of the pillow when all these fuckin’ selfish boomers are snuffed out by a bunch of fat Jamaicans in nursing homes.


    1. That’s a great title for a movie script about our whole predicament, getting ideas and shit over here 😆, I’ll cut you guys in if anything comes of it


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