Power Through Discipline

On today’s show I talked about destroying the Battered Wife Syndrome that the “RIGHT” has in America today. The need for a new independent massive media platform, funded by a subscription base. Getting off enemy platforms and supporting each other. Where the HELL is TRUMP? Removing Pressure Valves from your life. Relocation Plans and what we need to do RIGHT NOW, and empowering ourselves going forward to secure a future for our children.


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Published by PTD Radio

Speaker, Trainer, Radio Show Host, and above all else, a Father concerned about the future of Western Civilization. This website will serve as an outlet with a focus on Men's Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, Finance, Right Wing Politics, Relationship Advice, Wisdom and Life Experience.

9 thoughts on “Power Through Discipline

  1. Good points today, the wife and I have been looking at property in WV, absolutely gorgeous. Any self respecting, non leftist white person still on big tech platforms should end themselves. Woke white sheep are THE biggest problem. Without them, NONE of this anti-white shit would be possible. At this point they need to be viewed as enemies. Not even getting beat to near death by a gang of diversity could cure their mental illness.


    1. I agree with that. I think a lot of people are still on there for attention anyway and probably out of habit. It’s like a dopamine hit for every like and comment they get on their pics and whatever other stupid shit they post. Anyone still operating on these platforms has to be seen as suspect.


    2. Just realize when I spoke about TENNESSEE, I mistakenly said as long as you’re “west” of Memphis, you’re good. Obviously I meant to say “EAST” of Memphis!


  2. Most of the Boomers over here where I am are either cucked Conservatives who care more about their lawn than their kids, or libtards living in 90% white suburbs with Biden signs on their lawn. Boomers have neutered us, no doubt they can’t be blamed enough Rich.


    1. A lot Leftists have come into the NJ suburbs from New York City. This was the first year in the town that I live in that I saw a BLM and leftist activist signs all over the lawns of these new arrivals. They’re escaping their liberal shitholes and bringing their politics with them.


  3. Found this site from a link on Red Elephants so he’s promoting your site. BTW your Radio Show is FUCKING AWESOME. Great voice and love the mr bond songs added in to the show. I’m going through your archives now and like everything I’m hearing. Keep up the good work.


  4. My town in Southeast Ohio (yes Appalachian Ohio) has a sprinkling of these psychotic left wing political signs (year round mind you), so be cautious to avoid somewhere that is near a university


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