Trump’s Last Act of Betrayal

This might be the worst possible ending to the most underwhelming, most disappointing period in the Trump “Legacy.” There is absolutely NO reason to not go out guns blazing here, declassify EVERYTHING, pardon Snowden and Assange, and NEVER fucking concede!!!

Instead… Trump takes the path of a tired old man and coward, throwing all of his supporters under the bus. This is beyond absurd and ridiculous! His supporters have been violently silenced for the last 4 years, thrown off every damn platform, fired from their jobs, driven out of their professions, and even targeted by his own DOJ. What a disgrace this guy is. You don’t like it, tough shit, it’s the TRUTH.

I’ve been telling you guys for weeks now that Trumps supporters will turn on him hardcore. And now they ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO. There’s NO defending this. Not even the Q-believing sycophants can defend this shit. The crazy thing here is that you know they’re gonna ruin his life after he leaves office to make an example out of him and his family. And all the guy had to do is standup to the SCUM and not give in.

Trump has utterly destroyed any chance in hell of him having any kind of Legacy that isn’t entirely pissed on now from both sides. Trump has abandoned all of us, but the shot in the arm he gave us over 4 years ago, and the movement he started still goes on…. only now, without the TRUMP name, which has been utterly destroyed.

We must now have a nationalist, populist, working class movement WITHOUT Trump. Not only a movement without TRUMP, but a movement without his idiot daughter and son in law, a movement without all this ridiculous Q-bullshit, and a movement without all the NeoCon hacks and Swamp Rats that Trump brought on board, not to mention all the “minority” pandering and cowardly tweeting.

This, in many ways, is a GOOD THING.

Keep your spirits up.

We will have our day once again!

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14 thoughts on “Trump’s Last Act of Betrayal

  1. I watched Trump’s “fireside chat” earlier today. He stated something to the effect that “There is never a reason for violence”. This same Donald J. Trump fingered Soleimani for murder while he was in Iraq on a diplomatic mission. No one in the U.S. federal government, including Trump, have even a sliver of decency or core moral point of view of how to treat others. We are far more concerned with the issues facing the country than Trump. This isn’t the guy I voted for. SAD!


    1. Entirely agree Karen. This is despicable. All this guy did was jerk us around for 4 years. I can’t believe this is how he’s gonna go out. There’s no reason for him to do this. I want nothing to do with anything that’s even remotely related to Trump. He might as well of just took out his dick and pissed on us.


      1. It’s the double standard. There is always a legitimate reason for the state to crack down and do violence towards the people, even people halfway around the world. But no matter how egregious, oppressive, or outright illegal the state’s behavior becomes “We The People” must always stand down and meekly submit. Funny how Trump could point out the fake news, the fake Mueller investigation, the fake election, etc. but it never even occurred to him that maybe some elements of the Capitol “rodeo” were staged or pre planned. Trump always manages to find himself out maneuvered, even at his own event! Patriots obviously need to part ways with this clown and go in another direction.


  2. Dead on. I still have my Twitter account, gonna delete it today, but even the diehard Trumpers are slamming this rambling idiocy yesterday. Having said that, I still hear some Jack asses talking about more Q shit about Trump staying in there on the 20th and arresting all these people and all this other insane nonsense. I fucking hate these people.


  3. He’s a straight fuckin cunt, just like I figured out he was by early 2018, what a disgrace. This guy and his whole fuckin family need to just get out of the way, that’s it.


  4. “Law enforcement” has abused his supporters and given a pass to the other side over and over and he’s talking about law enforcement, he doesn’t have a fuckin clue what’s actually happening like I’ve always said. First time I’m seeing this speech cause obviously I’m tuned out, and I’m physically ill from it


    1. I will reiterate – don’t let this get you down too much. History won’t remember that Trump gave a statement saying he thought the riot was bad. It will only remember that Trump started the most awesome riot ever. Trump is on the way out, he’s either going to prison or Russia, and only his legend will matter. What we need to focus on is creating a positive Trump legend. We need to focus on portraying him as a tragic hero who attempted to save America, but was destroyed by evil, and frankly primarily Jewish, forces within the United States, who stabbed him in the back and then eventually overthrew him.


      1. Is this really Anglin?

        Either way, I don’t foresee Trump ever being seen as any kind of “Hero.” More like a “buffoon” that got in way over his head and accomplished little to nothing for our folks…. other than maybe putting the brakes on the acceleration a bit. Much like the Conservatives, he lost on every battlefront: from free speech, to marriage and the nuclear family, education, the media, the swamp rats in government, law and justice, Christianity, the second amendment, patriarchy, immigration, the welfare state, and this vulture “capitalism” we have now. All these above have gotten progressively worse. Time for a permanent TRUMP Divorce. I’ll give him more credit than the Bushes… probably throw him in there with Reagan. He brought people out of the shadows and made them love their country again, but failed to follow through on just about everything and left office in a cowardly manor.


      2. I’ll remember how he fucked over his base, white American, and every person who was loyal to him since day one, whatever was started because of Trump, he himself has nothing to do with it or is even aware of it.


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