What Comes Next Under Sleepy Joe?

Here’s a list of 25 things (According to Mike Adams of Natural News) that Democrats will try to implement in America, as the feckless GOP serves as nothing more than a minor speed bump, and essentially, an accomplice to the Left. PTD has broken the (25) into (3) separate categories: Guaranteed; Probable; and Not Likely. This is what I’m predicting over the next (4) years. Plan accordingly…

  1. Mandatory masks mandates.
  2. Mandatory vaccines.
  3. More Extreme “COVID” Lockdowns which will further destroy the US economy creating a larger 2-tier system
  4. Strangle small business even further with extended capacity limits, a much higher minimum wage raise.
  5. Eliminate $1 trillion in student debt, forcing taxpayers to pay off loans for left-wing university indoctrination training.
  6. Open up the border to another 20-50 million “migrants” and “refugees” from the 3rd world which will guarantee one party rule, and rigged elections for the foreseeable future. 
  7. Install more compromised voting machines across America so that Democrats never lose another election again. The ideal scenario for Democrats is to achieve a state where the votes of real voters no longer matter at all. That was already achieved on November 3rd, 2020.
  8. Remove all restrictions on China and invite the CCP to continue influencing America’s media, tech giants, stock market and elections, where they already have a strong foothold.
  9. Protect Big Tech and its censorship regime in order to achieve total information dominance over America, snuffing out all independent or dissenting voices by any means necessary, including de-platforming, lawfare, economic warfare or threats of arrest.
  10. Rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and other anti-America trade agreements that Trump rejected, once again placing America at a punishing disadvantage in trade actions with other nations, accelerating the global looting of America.
  11. Crank up the money printing machines and create trillions in new debt to bail out Democrat-run cities and states. This will further destroy the dollar and lead to a financial collapse during which people who still hold dollars as currency will lose everything. (Anyone stupid enough to put their savings into dollars is about to learn a very expensive lesson about fiat currency collapse that has been repeated throughout world history.)
  12. Critical Race Theory will be pushed into all public schools as part of the mass indoctrination of the youth with “official” hatred towards Whites, Christians and conservatives. All White people will be marginalized based solely on the whiteness of their skin, all while Leftists claim to be “tolerant” and “inclusive” as long as you’re a transgender, a Trump hater or a Person Of Color.

  1. Weaponize the US military against Trump supporters, labeling them all “terrorists.”
  2. Run false flag operations to paint Trump supporters as violent insurrectionists.
  3. Outlaw all semiautomatic rifles, destroy the Second Amendment, and confiscate all guns held by private citizens. 
  4. Enact new carbon taxes to loot the people for driving cars, buying food or using electricity. Control human behavior through carbon allotments, and punish those who speak out against the new “green tyranny.”
  5. Enact government reparations to force White taxpayers to fund new handouts to People Of Color (POC) under the false justification that POC are “victims” and Whites are “oppressors.” (In reality, it’s White, conservative Christians who are now the marginalized victims in America.)
  6. The National Institute of Health will be funded with tens of billions of dollars to create more biological weapons such as covid-21, covid-22, covid-23, all of which will be released to oppress the people through the same series of scamdemic hoaxes we all endured in 2020.
  7. Enact economy-crushing “Green New Deal” policies that will crush America’s economy and lead to mass famine due to the collapse of farming. Starvation is a desired policy of the Left because they want the masses to be completely dependent on government handouts for food, housing and health care.
  8. Purge the entire history of Trump from the internet and the White House archives, seeking to erase and rewrite history in classic Orwellian fashion. Purge all evidence of the election rigging crimes of the Democrats and erase all evidence of vaccine harm or the laboratory origins of the coronavirus.
  9. The First Amendment will be nullified by new “hate speech” laws which will be upheld by the traitorous US Supreme Court as “justified” due to “right-wing violence.”

  1. Government sponsored genocidal extermination campaigns of Christians, Whites and former Trump supporters.
  2. Launch nationwide arrests of pro-Trump conservatives to be placed into FEMA camps or executed as “traitors” after being labeled insurrectionists. The very same “resistance” that the Left celebrated for four years under Trump will be criminalized and prosecuted.
  3. Use widespread eminent domain laws to seize rural land and drive people into the Agenda 21 cities where they are easier to control and monitor. Use 5G Internet-Of-Things surveillance to track the movements and speech archives of all individuals. Roll out a Total Information Awareness techno-fascist police state under the banner of “security.”
  4. All private health insurance will be outlawed, and healthcare rationing will be put in place, including death panels to decide who lives and who dies. Have no illusions: White people will be deemed to have no value in society whatsoever, so Whites will be killed first.
  5. “Anti-terrorism” laws will be invoked to cut off banking and all financial services to those who express dissent toward the authoritarian Biden regime. Any person flagged by the new social credit scoring system will be denied access to air travel, grocery stores or voting locations, much like is currently done in communist China.

I will elaborate on this list along with a whole host of other issues on my next show.

Stay Tuned…

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15 thoughts on “What Comes Next Under Sleepy Joe?

    1. Residential Real Estate will only EXPLODE much higher here in blue states like NJ, and we will all get way over market value from these scumbags moving in from New York City. We can all put our houses up in the spring, and get the fuck out of here. And we will ALL HAVE TO MOVE TO DEEP RED STATES. We will then have to DEMAND Red State secession.


    2. If moving out of the STATE is out of the question right now… start planning for it.

      In the meantime, folks really need to scrutinize their TOWN and COUNTY. Some of you may have more time than others.

      Tim, I know where you are, you guys are in ok shape for now, but this STATE is fucked. We will all need to relocate soon.

      Don’t get too comfortable.


      1. Yea that’s the thing, we just moved here a month ago to get the fuck out of nyc. Gonna be a hard sell to move again so quickly. I hear you though. We’ll see what happens


      2. I was a trucker for over 25 years before i opened my own business. New Jersey is the shittiest state I’ve been to. How do you guys still live there is hard to understand? Why would you move from New York City to New Jersey?


    3. A lot of reasons, and don’t know how well you know the area but there is a huge difference between the suburbs of New Jersey and nyc, some really beautiful all white areas in NJ, thats where I am now, it wasn’t an option to go further right now. But I know the state as a whole is fucked.


  1. I’m currently in a west TN democrat stronghold, but already have in the works some rural property in North Mississippi. Get out while the getting is good!


    1. At least you’re in Tennessee. The state overall (even with Memphis) has more favorable demographics than most of the south


      1. Indeed, East Tennessee is a mecca. East of Nashville in particular. My brother used to live over there and it was my goal to join him, but he has recently located back home (burbs of Memphis). Memphis is a colossal shit hole, so for now, North Miss it is.


  2. How red should the state be? Have a few options here depending on career. What do you think about swing states that went for Trump like Iowa or Ohio? Seems like the southern states are not likely to oppose, even the recent ones that have flipped like GA or NC


      1. Here are your options guys… and I will elaborate in full on the next show…

        10 STATES:
        West Virginia
        South Carolina

        STATE OPTIONS for the west: Idaho, Montana, the Dakotas, and Wyoming. Too many kooks in Utah and Alaska is way too fucking cold for most people.

        STATE OPTIONS for people in the east: Tennessee, West Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, Arkansas, and possibly the northern half Mississippi and Alabama.


    1. Northeast Tennessee near Gatlinburg is where we’re head. I believe you mentioned it on the show Rich, we are moving there in March. Truly the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen along side the Smokey Mountains.


  3. North Alabama around Huntsville is really nice real estate. I’ve spent a good amount of time there. I could certainly call it home if an opportunity arose.


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