PATRIOTS Stormed the Capital, not Antifa!

Nick Fuentes is clearly PTD to the core. I repeated these words EXACTLY on my last show. These were Patriots. Patriots who work hard, who have obeyed the law their entire lives, who love their country and their families and their nations History.

These people who stormed the capital were NOT instigated by antifa, nor were they led by antifa. That was just another idiotic boomer meme put out by Normie Cons still trying to uphold some fake moral high ground that doesn’t exist.

These people were PATRIOTS.

And they have nothing to be ashamed of. 

Just like I said on the last show… if you hear anyone slamming these people, cut them off for good.

The American RIGHT needs a street presence and has to become as EXTREME as the left. For years the courts and politicians have succumbed to leftwing protests, and riots, and threats of violence.

The RIGHT has to do the same now.

And they will. 

This is what happens when the Right is backed into a corner and they lose power. All of a sudden they wake the fuck up and turn into ferocious animals.

I’ve been saying it for weeks now…


And so are You!

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2 thoughts on “PATRIOTS Stormed the Capital, not Antifa!

  1. Good shit as usual PTD – We need guys like you now more than ever. We need to get people to rediscover their balls and stop taking it up the ass. Saw a guy with Massachusetts tags at a rest stop on the turnpike wearing two masks walking outside. These pussies are killing us and need to catch a BLM beat down and even that won’t wake these type of fucks up. I have also seen more people pushing back, especially after the siege. We will win but we now need to be smart and relentless.


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