We Predicted it. GOP Cucks Smoked in Georgia!

This had to happen. Trump NEVER should’ve went down there, he should’ve told EVERYONE to stay home and let these scumbag traitors in the GOP burn🔥. There needs to be a MASSIVE PURGE of Cucks in the Republican Party. How many decades are we gonna have to deal with these Bush leftovers???

These types of Republicans need to die out and disappear. Trumps election in 2016 and the result of this “run off” are only the beginning. These deficit Cucks, and Constitution Cucks, and all these Ronald Reagan dick suckers are dying off. Don’t get me wrong, you still see em on Twitter, and YouTube, and Facebook, and Parler “talking about those damn Dems… if we could only get rid of those damn Dems.” They’re still stuck on a false political framework that ended years ago. The good news is that their numbers are much lower than what we saw in the past. And that trend won’t STOP, it’ll only accelerate.

The Republican Party is gonna DIE a violent death, and bring about either a NEW PARTY or a NEW Republican Party that resembles nothing of what we’ve seen since the Bush years and the Reagan years. It has to be working class and America 1st to the core on every last issue.

This last round of economic “stimulus” and the GOP resistance to a messily $2,000 was the last straw. These old throwback NeoCon hacks and GOP dinosaurs are the same guys that you never hear complaining about signing away billions in foreign military funding, or foreign aid, and defense contracting. Then out of the other side of their mouth, we hear about the need to be fiscally responsible and not let inflation get out of control when it comes to providing for their NEW Trump voting (working class) base.

The ONLY kind of inflation that counts to the lying scumbags and grifters in the GOP is when middle class people and working class people get a check directly, which 90% of the time, gets recirculated right back into the economy. According to them, that’s Un-American. That’s SOCIALISM? 

John Cornyn (R-Texas) said that he blocked the $2,000 because it doesn’t differentiate between people who have been receiving a paycheck during the pandemic and people who lost their jobs. He said “This is not about helping the people that need it the most. This is about helping millionaires and billionaires and people who, frankly, have not suffered the hardship economically that others have during this pandemic.”

Say what you want about the scumbags on the so called “other side”… we know it’s two sides of the same coin… but every last Senate Democrat supported the higher check amount.

Which is why they’re gonna continue to win.

And it’s why you’ll never see these GOP throwbacks even sniff a house seat or a senate seat in 2 years. It’s not gonna happen.

Say what you want about Josh Hawley, I have my own issues with the guy, but he’s clearly the new leader and face of what needs to become the America 1st GOP. He seems to be doing a good job in there, he’s saying all the right things, and he’s definitely moving us in the right direction. 

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2 thoughts on “We Predicted it. GOP Cucks Smoked in Georgia!

  1. The republicans are in on all this globalism shit and have been for decades. Can’t remember the last time they went on offense in my lifetime and I’m 45. These feckless bastards won’t even utter the words “white people” in public which is 90% of their base, even as war has been waged against whites in America and all over the world. Fuck’em.


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