Rightwing Media Grades

The following list of (20) websites, news outlets, and alternative media personalities represent a wide spectrum of cultural & political beliefs that are either neutral or friendly to the website, or closely adjacent to our views here at PTD Radio.

America First (2017)

Nick Fuentes – Back in 2016 I remember seeing this young kid interviewed by Infowars at Charlottesville and then later by TIME magazine, and I said to myself then, that this young man has an incredible future ahead of him. And I still believe that today. Nick is probably the most talented and charismatic personality we have on the alternative media landscape. He’s a dynamic, engaging speaker who definitely has the chops for politics. I would strongly encourage Nick to get himself into a friendly district and run for office. There’s no reason he can’t continue to do both. Needless to say, all of us should be firmly behind Fuentes, financially supporting his outreach and future growth. Website

Overall Grade = A

Cons = He still listens to Rap Music.

Vincent James of the Red Elephants" What Really Happened to Empire Star  Jussie Smollett? (TV Episode 2019) - IMDb

Vincent James / Red Elephants – I’ve been following Vincent’s work for some time now. He puts out great content, he’s a family man with children (which is an automatic upgrade & comes with a boost of trust in my department), and his message has always centered around a populist, Buchanan like America 🇺🇸 1st Agenda. Vince was recently booted from YouTube and definitely took a financial hit. Having said that, he runs a website and produces a show on D-Live, that deserves our financial support & encouragement. Website

Overall Grade = A

Cons = He hasn’t reached out to PTD Radio yet

White Nationalist Scores Press Credentials, Interview With Trump Jr. |  Talking Points Memo

James Edwards – Even though James has been at it for a while in both media and politics, he’s still young, and has a bright future. Much like Vincent James of Red Elephants, Edwards is a family man with children who seems like a standup dude. He’s definitely a history buff, who knows a ton about the Civil War (or War of Northern Aggression) and the historical roots of the confederate states of America, and really understands the political dynamics of the south. He got his start working for the political campaign of Pat Buchanan, and later started his own radio show which he still produces today called the political cesspool. His most memorable moments for a lot of us were on CNN when he would smash these anti-white leftists and make them look like complete fools. Needless to say, CNN never invited him back. James Edwards is the real deal. Website

Overall Grade = A

Cons = He’s probably still a little suspicious of Yankees like us up here!

Red Ice Tv flashback Friday episode 43 - YouTube

RedIce TV / Lana & Henrik – The great husband and wife team have been at it for awhile, and they’ve really produced some truly terrific content and interviews over the years. They too suffered the YouTube ban and were banned from certain payment processors. Nevertheless they’ve courageously continued to fight on, off of these enemy platforms. Their work is extremely professional and about as crisp as a media presentation as you’re gonna get. RedIce is currently one of the ONLY alternative media outlets that has had the integrity to promote other channels and content creators including yours truly. I was interviewed on RedIce back in 2016, which was a great pleasure. Since then, I have donated personally to their operation over the years and will continue to do so. Their current operations are over at RedIce TV and they host a stream on DLive as well. Website

Overall Grade = A

Cons = They haven’t had PTD back on their show yet!

Paul Ray Ramsey Longs For an Era Without Diversity | Right Wing Watch

Ramz Paul – Some of you may not be as familiar with Ramz as you are with some of the others on this list, but he’s another terrific, very talented, humorous personality on the Right. He started off as more of a comedian and libertarian, but has since gravitated further away from libertarianism and moved much closer to a nationalist/populist approach. His videos on the absurdity of what’s become modern American culture and the 1/2 dead fat retards walking around with a MASK on everywhere are truly hysterical. He also saw the Trump administration for what it was, he never became sycophantic in his support, and didn’t bullshit his audience about what to expect going forward. The guy is a straight shooter. And he’s a very likable personality. Ramz has since moved further and further away from YouTube, and is now wisely releasing a lot his great content on other alternative platforms like Rumble. He’ll be successful wherever he goes, and all of us should support him. Website

Overall Grade = A

Cons = His videos are too damn short

Radio host Dino Costa: 'Women have no place' in sports talk radio

Patrick Ryan {Dino Costa} – Some of you may not be familiar with Patrick Ryan, formerly known as Dino Costa, because for decades he was strictly immersed in the world of sports. He was very well known and respected in that industry for quite a long time and had his own show, “the Dino Costa Show” on Sirius XM radio. All that changed back in December of 2019, when Dino decided to leave the corporate controlled environment, and start his own independent show where he was free to speak his mind on a whole host of controversial issues. Issues that are often taboo in the world of sports, that is, unless you’re covering them from an anti-White, social marxist point of view. Since then, Patrick has literally murdered the microphone, the guy is on fire 🔥, his broadcasts are extremely compelling, as are his guests. Unlike a lot of other shitty radio hosts, Patrick has the ability to smoothly transition between completely different topics and still keep the listener engaged. His personal stories are great, he injects plenty of humor into the show, and he’s  an excellent interviewer, who knows how to let his guests speak and not interrupt constantly. He also does a fantastic job of changing up the material on the show from day to day, as he often says “no two shows are ever the same.” All in all a terrific show from a very talented personality that we’re lucky to have. He’s recently mentioned veering a bit more back into the social justice dumpster fire that is the world of American professional sports in 2021, which is essentially a distraction and concerns me a bit… but I’m sure he’ll find a healthy balance on the show and have plenty of success going forward. Lastly, he’s now offering a subscription to access his shows on demand which I highly encourage you to signup for. Website

Overall Grade = A

Cons = He still has Jay Mariotti on his show

Blackpilled with Devon Stack – Devon is a very talented film maker and social/political commentator. Whether he’s covering the fate of Americans, or why the Right continues to lose, or how to prepare for future conflict and possible Civil War his videos drive home what seems to be a recurring theme. If you’re not planning for chaos and a dystopian nightmare of a future in the west, not only are you crazy, but you’re fucked! He speaks from the position and perspective of someone who’s definitely childless, and someone who lives off of the grid. I think it’s safe to make the assumption that under periods of extreme distress and chaos, individuals such as Devon, will be much better prepared than the general public and the average right winger. His over arching message seems to imply that there is NO Legal or Political solution moving forward here. At this stage in the game, he’s probably correct.

Overall Grade = B+

Cons = We are now dealing with unprecedented levels of depression and negativity. Those levels have only accelerated for those of us with children. We’ve now identified the problem. We’ve done it for decades! Now is the time to provide practical, real life, applicable solutions for our people and our children. Devon needs to spend more time on THIS now!

Founder of Neo-Nazi Site The Daily Stormer Fined $14 Million :: The Digital  Ambassador Club

The Daily Stormer – Here’s another one that I thought about long and hard, but after monitoring a considerable amount of the sites articles the past few months, I feel that Anglin clearly has his finger on the pulse of the nation. For those of you who were with me during the Truth Militia show and radio network, you’ll remember that Anglin ran a website called Total Fascism at the time, and was a frequent guest and caller on our radio show every Sunday night. When I came back on the scene and brought back PTD RADIO, Anglin was among the 1st to plug it on his website, and began posting my shows. However, when I saw that my fantastic content was surrounded by a bunch of goofy losers and non-serious defective shit on the Daily Stormer, I asked Anglin to stop posting my shows. But over the past 4 years it seems that the site has changed quite a bit for the good. Anglin has removed all the clowns writing on there and all the shitty media content he used to recommend. There’s now clearly a more focused tone, a more serious tone, one that’s forward looking and one that recognizes the importance of Jesus Christ and a manly Christianity. He pumps out an incredible amount of content and most of the articles I’ve seen are extremely well thought out and very insightful. Like I said, he’s got his finger on the pulse, and the website has moved in the right direction. It’s unfortunate what he’s had to go through, and quite frankly, I admire his persistence to keep plugging along. Most people would’ve quit and never looked back. All things considered I believe we should support Anglin moving forward, and if you can, donate to his endeavors there.

Overall Grade = B+

Cons = There’s still a few meaningless, idiotic stories that appear on the site that don’t have any relevance whatsoever at all. Stupidly, he hasn’t sent his readers back to PTD Radio yet. When he does, I’ll bump up the score.

V Dare & American Renaissance – These two have been around forever. They are (and have always been) the stalwarts railing against turning the United States into a dumping ground and a 3rd world shithole. And as far as I can tell, that’s still the message over there today. Not to mention, Jarod Taylor is probably one the best, most eloquent speakers to ever grace the scene and advance many of our taking points. Both of these websites should be financially supported by our side.

Overall Grade = B+

Cons = They need to produce more media content in audio/visual format. Less and less people are reading now.

Gateway Pundit | DailyRushbo

The Gateway Pundit – This is another website moving in the right direction. Sure, they’re very much committed to TRUMP and the Trump Legacy (with a lot of blind support there) but the website has turned extremely hostile towards the GOP and what’s left of the Republican Party. They’re exposing these RINO scumbags for what they are, and they’re hiring independent investigative reporters and journalists like Cassandra Fairbanks (and others) who are really doing some good work. If the website keeps moving in this direction, they’ll EXPLODE in growth and popularity among folks like us.

Overall Grade = B

Cons = They definitely sensationalize their stories and exaggerate the impact of their “Bombshells” which never go anywhere.

Kay Rubacek, Director of "Finding Courage" Interviewed by Steve Bannon on War  Room Pandemic — Swoop Films

Steve Bannon’s War Room – This is another one I had to debate around in my head. I considered grading the War Room a lot lower than I did on this post, but their extended “election” coverage and Bannon’s populist, pro-working class approach won me over. These guys have been plugging away non-stop exposing the fraud in this country and that sham of an election more so than anyone else. The BIGGEST MISTAKE Trump made was getting rid of Bannon. Like him or not, Bannon is a certifiable genius, the man definitely understands the cultural & political landscape of America, hates all of this foreign adventurism and has a deep affection for the plight of the working class. This is mostly a reflection of Bannon serving in the military and coming from a working class family himself. Bannon’s “War Room” has exploded in popularity for a reason. They’re doing good work!

Overall Grade = B

Cons = They need to permanently BAN grifter scumbags like Boris Epstein from their show.

Trump comments embolden far-right Proud Boys | Financial Times

The Proud Boys – I thought long and hard about this one, and considered more of a neutral position on these guys, because I was never a fan of Gavin McInnes or the groups support for homosexuals… but I can’t ignore their willingness to get out in the street and smash Commies in the face. I also can’t ignore the masculine organized presence that these guys put forth at these rallies. We may not agree with all of their positions and tactics, but we need right wingers who aren’t afraid to scrap when the times call for it. And these guys clearly aren’t afraid to scrap. At some point we may need to get physical, and prepare for direct violent confrontation. Furthermore, I’m finding that a lot of the folks who criticize the Proud Boys are the same ones who sit on their fat asses and slam down Doritos and Hero sandwiches as they criticize people actually doing things in real life from behind a computer screen. The FACT is there needs to be a street presence from our side. The proud boys might not fit the bill with everything, but they’re a start and deserve some credit. Also check out Patriot Front which is much more in line with what we believe, and carries out similar activism.

Overall Grade = B

Cons = They’re still hanging on to some of their old cuckservative roots and talking points.

Owen Shroyer, Cuck Destroyer interview: The golden boy of alt-right media

Alex Jones / Infowars – I’ve been critical of Jones and Infowars in the past, mostly because of their stance on Israel, and their denial of clear destructive Jewish Power in the American landscape. Not to mention, the fact that Alex still gives a platform to proven LIARS and kooks like Steve Pieczenik. Not only did he give this guy a platform, he’s had him multiple times after being EXPOSED as a kook and a fraud. Those criticisms still remain. Having said that, Infowars has Nick Fuentes on, and Alex has does a terrific job on the Lockdown & Mask madness, getting out vital information about these dangerous COVID Vaccines, and taking direct action on the street in opening up the country. Owen Shroyer also does a terrific job and is definitely a talented asset with a bright future. Infowars has been de-platformed from multiple social networks and payment processors in recent years and needs to rely on folks like us to keep it afloat.

Overall Grade = C+

Cons = Gives Israel a pass, gave Trump a pass on nearly EVERYTHING, and still has on a few kooks from time to time.

Mark Dice - Fake News Special Forces - YouTube

Mark Dice – The MASTER of owning the Dems and the Libs. Mark Dice, better known here as the “LOL MAN” thinks we’re in a laughing contest with the Left. Whoever gets more LOL’s WINS. Mark Dice seems to not notice that it’s the so called right and the GOP who’s really behind a lot the shit that he whines about. There is absolutely no reason at this point to talk about the Left and Dems, unless we’re strategically focusing on how we separate ourselves from these fucking lunatics. We don’t care about their award shows or what they’re saying on Twitter Dice. Get with the program!

Overall Grade = C

Cons = The main criticism here is his constant focus on OWNING the Libs and turning everything into a LOL as the nation burns around us and the GOP spits in our face.

Tucker Carlson is facing backlash from conservatives - CNN

Tucker Carlson – Why does anyone give a shit about Bill De Blasio or any other scumbag Democrat, or for that matter, the cities they run into the ground? Apparently Tucker Carlson still thinks we do. This guy has spent the better part of 2 months talking about Nothing. He’s most definitely compromised, and much like Hannity, he’s just securing more lifestyle inflation for his family. And much like Hannity the next 4 years of Tucker will focus on sleepy Joe Biden, and a bunch of meaningless distractions that none of us care about… like what’s happening in San Francisco, Portland, or Seattle. 

Overall Grade = C

Cons = I still think Tucker has a chance to redeem himself, but it fades more and more with each passing day. He’s definitely not as bad as Hannity or Bill Oreilly, but at this point in time, he’s not all that much better.

The Dan Bongino Show | KABC-AM

Dan Bongino – Much like Hannity, Dan thinks (or at least pretends to think) that we’re still living in a country where it’s DEM’s bad, Republicans good. I have more faith in Dan going forward than the rest of the characters in Con Inc (ie Charlie Kirk), but not much. In the meantime, I’m using his platform (Parler) to Hammer Out the Cucks & Normie Cons One Day at a Time!

Overall Grade = C

Cons = His close relationship with FOX NEWS and the likes of Sean Hannity, will always keep me from ever taking this guy seriously. His show is unlistenable, but I’ll give him some credit for starting an alternative to Twitter.

Newsmax, Trump Campaign Sued by Christopher Krebs for Defamation

NewsMax & One America News – These (2) networks are being paraded around as “great” alternatives to Fox News. Maybe in the context of the election they were, and they have a few talented folks on board such as Michelle Malkin (who’s terrific on Newsmax), but overall, they’re generally the SAME as Fox News. I hope I’m wrong, but my suspicion is that both of these networks are just more of the same controlled opposition, funded by the same folks behind the scenes.

Overall Grade = C

Cons = Most of the shows are boring, and the hosts aren’t all that much different than what you get at Fox News. The content is a little better however, which is why I’m giving them a bit of a pass.

Steven Crowder on Twitter: "Sweden has turned into one giant "no go" zone.  Don't go. >> https://t.co/IJxRsRev4Q… "

Steven Crowder – I’m still trying to figure out who watches this guy other than maybe 16 and 17 year olds who haven’t hit puberty yet? He’s not funny, he rarely has anything interesting to say, and he’s just another one on a long list focused on Owning the Libs and Dems.

Overall Grade = D

Cons = Similar to Mark Dice only more Gay, and definitely less humorous. 

Fusion Set to Name Director of Media Innovation - The New York Times

Tim Pool – The days of the moderate “political commentator” are OVER. I know he’s NOT “Rightwing” but many on the Right have consistently watched his videos and definitely subbed to his channel. Having said that, no one I know personally is even remotely interested in anything Tim Pool has to say. Like many others, he rode the coattails of Trump reporting and cancel culture and has nothing left to fall back on. Unlike Pool, moderates like Joe Rogan will always have an audience because they’ve carved out a unique space among certain segments of the populous. Joe Rogan made his entire career on not having a strong opinion on anything other than DMT, weed, and UFC fights. It clearly worked, and his audience became MASSIVE as a result. And the stoners and UFC fans will most likely continue to listen to Rogan. Tim Pool on the other hand, doesn’t have that kind of appeal or audience. As a result… guys like Tim Pool will soon vanish into the world of irrelevancy. 

Overall Grade = D

Cons = Too many to list. I can’t find any Pros other than the fact that he pumps out these horrifically boring ass takes on a regular basis. So I’ll give him a passing grade for effort.

Breitbart to Sue Media Company Calling It a 'White Nationalist Website'

Breitbart – Much like Fox News, this outlet has completely become entirely irrelevant. They support a brand of “conservatism” thats losing more and more popular support with each passing day. No one gives a fuck about tax policy, or the budget, or pumping up the military industrial complex, or owning the Dems and the Libs. At this point, Breitbart is no different than Ben Shapiro. They’ve been bleeding viewers and readers for the last 4 years and that trend will only continue.

Overall Grade = F

Cons = There’s not ONE single redeeming quality left at Breitbart.

Fox News' support for Sean Hannity should come as no surprise — Quartz

Sean Hannity – If Sean had ANY integrity left and he wasn’t a PHONY just securing his lifestyle inflation he would’ve blasted Fox News  after their election coverage and left that traitorous company. How much $$$ does one man need??? The next 4 years of Hannity will focus on sleepy Joe Biden, and owning the fucking Libs and the Dems, as the Cucks in the GOP continue to shit on our heads. Soon enough we’ll hear Hannity say that we need to bring the country together and breakdown the barriers separating us from the Communist dirtbags. Nice try, but we’re not mending fences. 

Overall Grade = F

Cons = He’s an EMPTY suit and a PHONY interested in ONE thing, and ONE thing only… maintaining his Lifestyle Inflation.

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33 thoughts on “Rightwing Media Grades

  1. I think you’re being a little too harsh on the childless Crowder. Closet homosexuals can only go so far to the Right before they crack!


  2. Check out the St. Louis Proud Boys on Parler. I think you’ll find us quite more in line with your beliefs, and we’re not the only ones.


  3. That’s how I found your show Rich, back when I heard you on RedIce. Is there anywhere to hear your old Truth Militia shows???


  4. Could you give me a specific episode of the Dino costa show to watch that you consider really good. I don’t have time to go through daily shows that are 3 hours long. I threw on one from dec 29-30ish I think and the guy said he had covid and he was sitting there drinking whisky depressing the fuck out of me. I kinda saw some of what he’s about but I couldn’t sit through that one. If you’re recommending him so highly he must be good, if you got a specific one to start me off on that would be great. Thanks


    Sent from my iPhone



    1. That’s fucking hysterical Tim. Lol 😂

      Yeah he’s been under the weather and not feeling so great and had that jerkoff Jay Mariotti on who I can’t fucking stand. Remember the guy came from the sports world, and I think he’s on the cusp of breaking out. Imagine what you’ve covered your entire life professionally being stripped away from you? That’s what happened to Dino. But I’m telling you he’s had some phenomenal shows. Listen to his interview with David Duke here – https://davidduke.com/monday200706/


      1. II wanted to correct the time…Russ Winter will be on around 9:00 P.M. Eastern on Tuesday nights.


  5. Thanks for the list and the breakdowns. Most of these guys I already watch, but there are some new names I’ll check out. Thanks for the tips.


  6. Love your website and radio show.
    This is a good list and I agree with the rankings overall. Nick, Vince, James Edwards and Henrick are all terrific. This is solid Grade A writing and well organized.


    1. Are you a fan of theirs?

      I’m doing a Part.2 this week, with the following so far… with 3 more to add.

      John Fredericks
      Lou Dobbs
      Michael Savage
      Mark Levin
      David Duke
      Adam Green
      TDS/Fash the Nation
      Jeff Rense
      David Icke
      Laura Ingraham
      Michelle Malkin
      “dr” Steve Turley
      Charlie Kirk
      Ann Coulter
      Glen Beck
      Ben Shapiro
      Nick Dipaolo


  7. Where are Don Black (Stormfront) and David Duke? (carried on Rense) Don Black is on the air at 10 A.M Eastern and David Duke follows at 11:00.


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