The Great Reset

On today’s show I talked about the Great Reset. I also talked about the beginning stages of Trump’s base turning against Trump and the Trump LEGACY, the miraculous resurrection of the “Stimulus” Bill, why all of this is being done, and what you have to do NOW. All of this and more.


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18 thoughts on “The Great Reset

    1. Who the hell is Tim Cappello and what other songs did the guy have? So many one hit wonders in the 80’s. The 80’s were gay as fuck, but I’d give my left nut to go back to that time, and head into 1981 instead of 2021


      1. I never heard of him from anything but this but I’ll never forget that beach concert scene… and you and me both my friend, I’d happily take 1991 as well.. world my 2 year old son is gonna have to grow up in is sickening and terrifying


    2. Yes our backs are definitely against the wall and our white children face an onslaught, but as Rich says on his shows people like us are switched on now and I agree. I live in a Suburb near Harrisburg and I can tell you that people over here are STRAIGHT UP PISSED and ready for something new, they want nothing to do with these fucking libtards, and really hate both parties but are 1000% America 🇺🇸 1st types not NeoCons. So I’m optimistic.


  1. Oh man, Tim beat me to it. Fucking Lost Boys is definitely a classic. Still watch it with my kids every now and then. I still want a PTD t-shirt, can I just order one through the website? Great show by the way


  2. Dynamite show and forget JewTube bro, you should have a million listeners you are really that good and I have already sent your stuff to many many people and will continue only I don’t have many people outside my own circle friendly to our views.

    I was sending out Truth Militia Shows back then too, you guys were the best together.

    I haven’t used JewTube in months and don’t miss it. Keep rocking these shows out man


    1. Yes Sir. Those were the days. Internet Freedom for awhile, then getting thrown off Blogtalkradio midstream an hour into the broadcast. Then we had to move to “talkshoe” the ghetto of internet radio back then. Wonder if Talkshoe is even still around or if anyone has our old archives?


  3. Keep cranking out that straight talk bro. If you did this full time you’d be up there with guys like Fuentes, he’s half beta anyway.


    1. Can’t say that I disagree, seems like the type that we used to stuff into lockers in high school, but I like his message and directional purpose driven (solution oriented) future.


  4. Truth Militia was literally thee BEST talk radio ever produced. Me and my wife would listen to you guys and crack up all night on the porch every Sunday. We felt like we were a part of a family. So glad you’re back Rich!!!!!


  5. And yes, you did this show called “the conquerors hour” and Anglin was on with you a few times, one show you guys ran for like 3 or 4 hours when no one knew who Anglin was, I think he ran a site called Fascism Total or Total Fascism with Mike Delaney who did some 911 truth documentary’s


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