Chinless GOP Scumbag McConnell, blocks $2,000 💵 stand alone bill

This is all being done on purpose. It’s all an act. McConnell and the rest of the Israel 🇮🇱 1st GOP is pretending they’re blocking the 2G’s in a stand alone bill because they “want” section 230 repealed in the bill… in addition to election reform (now that the election is over of course and it means nothing).

From the Gateway Pundit – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday blocked Schumer’s attempt to hold a stand-alone vote on $2,000 stimulus checks. McConnell signaled he would package the increased stimulus checks and tie it to a bill focused on repealing Section 230 and election reforms.

“During this process, the president highlighted three additional issues of national significance he would like to see Congress tackle together,” McConnell said signaling a new package.

“Those are the three important subjects the president has linked together. This week the Senate will begin a process to bring these three priorities into focus,” he added.

Democrats will likely not support McConnell in his push for a new package because they don’t support election reform and don’t support repealing protections for tech companies. Continue here

This is truly criminal, but just know, that this is clearly part of the plan. They want to drag this ridiculous shit out long enough to make the peasants out there (YOU) demand continued “stimulus” as they keep your life and the economy shutdown. At that point they soften us up for future more draconian lockdowns in exchange for UBI. None of this is by chance or circumstance.

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