Proof that PTD Radio was Censored & Shadow Banned on YouTube

I know we got much bigger fish to fry, but I just deleted my YouTube Channel. So just a heads up, you’ll see nothing there going forward, and I encourage other content creators to do the same.

I’m not a data analyst, I’m not a math guy in general, but none of the following is by accident.

Here are just a few examples:

According to WordPress (my host) 1,789 visitors have come to my website this week alone. That’s not a ton of people (I realize that), but it’s more than 17x the amount of people I “apparently” have watching my videos on YouTube.

When I first put the show on YouTube I got maybe 200 or 300 views… than after a month I started getting over 500 views, and eventually started gaining hundreds of subscribers and hitting thousands of views:

The kibosh came thundering down on the channel when my videos started getting between 1,500 – 3,000 views… that seems to be the threshold. That also seems to be the point when my subscriber count froze at around 370 subs.

Soon after that my videos dipped right back down into the 500’s again:

Then they started dipping down into the 400’s:

Then the 300’s:

And then finally…

So this is what happens to creators that push the envelope, they’re either kicked off or shadow banned to the point where no one sees their content. Which is why we all need to migrate and not pimp ourselves out on these enemy platforms anymore.

Hopefully you guys will continue to support people like me, because without us, there won’t be anything else left to listen to!

Rich (PTD)

Published by PTD Radio

Speaker, Trainer, Radio Show Host, and above all else, a Father concerned about the future of Western Civilization. This website will serve as an outlet with a focus on Men's Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, Finance, Right Wing Politics, Relationship Advice, Wisdom and Life Experience.

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