Christmas Is Our Holiday

Longest Show of the Year! On today’s show I talked about the reasons as to why I believe our future here will dramatically improve and why we need to go through the struggles we’re going through now to get there. I also talked about the disgrace that is TPUSA, the so called “Stimulus” Bill, why you have to admire the Left, and dissected the entire history of our Great European/Christian Holiday of Christmas.


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10 thoughts on “Christmas Is Our Holiday

  1. Do you recommend mainly bitcoin, or other cryptos as well? Trying to get some money out of mutual funds as I don’t want to subsidize the enemy or trust them anyways


    1. I own mostly Bitcoin, some Etherium, and I’m holding a significant position in GBTC (The Greyscale Trust). The premiums are HIGH in greyscale, but it’s a matter of convenience. I sold out of every Mutual Fund / Index Fund months ago… and just hold a few single disruptive stocks now. Mutuals and Indexes are filled with way too many duds and they are rapidly falling out of favor. NO ONE wants to make 6-12% a year. I’m gonna post my holdings in my individual Fidelity account above ^^^


    2. You can also buy the blockchain, mining, and patent sector by holding MARA and RIOT.

      Both of which I own, and have already gone up about 400% this year for me. I see you hold them as well Rich.


  2. Great show, I would be interested to see what your portfolio looks like. Btw, are you still on keto diet?

    Merry Christmas, stay strong.


    1. Hey James… no I’m Strictly Carnivore for the most part now. I do eat Olives and some greens every now and then, buts it’s strictly meat, seafood, and eggs 90% of the time. And I just posted my holdings in my individual Fidelity account above ^^^ Merry Christmas


    1. No money Jay, you need to deploy that dry powder. Shoot me an email with your details & target goals –

      Give me the following:

      Age & Family –
      Your Work Status –
      Household Income –
      Discretionary Income –
      Current Assets –
      Current Liabilities –
      Current Investments –
      Capital Available to Invest –
      Current Location –
      Financial Goals –


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